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Een watched the man with a mixture of fear and curiosity as he moved about the room. He was wearing a heavy set of iron manacles, looking partially on the old side with just enough rust forming on one of them to suggest that it had been exposed to the cold, wet snow for a mite too long. It wouldn't simply break yet though. He found her scimitar and drew it out, biting down on the scabbard to finish drawing it when he probably could have just wiggled the hilt until the scabbard fell off. He told her to get up. What?

She looked at him closer. Plain, brown eyes, brown hair. Prominent cheekbones, pointed chin. He tried the window and she watched him until he realized that she hadn't moved and yelled at her to get up, flapping the scimitar around as if he was mildly unfamiliar with a blade of that particular shape. He can't be serious! I'm naked! She tugged the blankets up around her shoulders more, suddenly fearful that he was going to try to take advantage of her. Then keep your back to me! I don't need you to stare at me like a... like a dog! She was indignant about his demand that she dress in front of him. Besides, my feet still are sore from frostbite. I doubt that I could go wherever it is that you want me to go with you to. That was more of a grumble, but still she made no move to get dressed.

He might be a good story though! Manacled, decent features albeit plain, little place out in the middle of absolutely nowhere... I smell a story. A big stinking story. A sly look came over her face. You know... There is a storm outside. A bad storm. You could hide underneath this mattress. I promise that I won't give you away and might even be able to beg some food off of the woman who takes care of me. If you give me several more hours, perhaps my feet would be steady by then and I might be able to see if I could find a key that could unlock your current barrier to mobility. Just give me some time and I could be a good ally. You never know. You'd get further with help than alone, I'll wager. She smiled pleasantly though the man made her nervous in her nude state underneath a bunch of blankets.
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