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Her ears flickered back, listening to the exchanges between the squires. Two stayed in their furs, and the other crawled from them. He came nearer to her, and as he yawned, she turned to glance at him. He is a youngling. As his question came, her thoughtful look shifted. Large eyes blinked slowly at him for a moment. No choice in who he travels with. Cannot hold that against him. A furred hand came out and gestured at the boy, beckoning him a bit closer so that he would share the rug with her, close to the fire. She patted the space close by her before allowing him to choose whether he would come nearer to her.

It was a moment before she spoke. "No 'ma'am', youngling. Just Rhyn." Her tail curled around her, it's black tip flicking softly. "And I..." She paused. Nobody had ever asked her what she did here, in Last Chance. She did many things. Hunted, chopped wood. She had helped Zach in his smithy a few times, and watched children. Watch. Her mind locked onto that word. Her voice came out with a decisive tone to it. "I watch over all, here. When they need food, I hunt. When wood needs chopped, I chop it." She paused again, and looked at the squire, her hands moving over her tail without though, pushing fingers through fur. "I take care of those who once took care of me." Rhyn rolled spotted shoulders and looked over at the brown-haired squire. "What is your name?" She spoke with slowness, but it did not make her seem stupid. Rather, she sounded constantly thoughtful. Every word was examined and carefully pronounced.

Bradley clattered about in the kitchen, heating up cider, making sure the oatmeal didn't burn, and carefully adding sugar to it. One of Rhyn's ears was turned constantly in his direction, listening.
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