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Remmy broke the veil of sleep, stealing the smell of cooking oats in an adjacent room. The bald squire's first notion was to rouse the others, leading them out to Sir Leraway's cart. Where they could get their blunted practicing swords, beginning the day sword-training in the fresh snow. It was part of their routine, one the squires had followed every day since they left the Cipiter. Remmy, being the oldest out of the bunch, felt as though he had an obligation. He went about waking them early every morn--today though, he felt oddly tired, unwilling to slide from the comforts from the furs just yet.

"Rem, we going?" Jarreth's tired voice resonated.

"Piss on that today. Too cold." Remmy told.

"Get me up then, get me up when the foods done." Jarreth smacked his lips.

Nev exited his pallet quick enough, moving nearer the fire, but not too close to the Hiskr. Honestly, Nev was happy to avoid the mornings training, sniffing subtly at the air, instead more focused on filling his stomach. He sat, his legs crisscrossing. He had begun to speak, sounding out the word 'what', but then was uninterrupted by a long and vicarious yawn.

"What do you do here, ma'm?" He turned, directing his attention to Rhyn.

She had grabbed his attention last night, asking the squires to join her. It had been rude of him to turn her down with silence.

Up stairs:

Brown felt the elf's mouth move under his hand. Parting his fingers slowly, he let her speak. His eyes judged her quickly. A women? Looking over her carefully, eyes following along the blanket, studying the area where breasts should have been. He could not find the answer to his question. His threat/bluff had appeal, blades were defiantly more scarier than chains, but he had the latter. When she complied with his demand, his hand relaxed upon her face. Slowly retreating back to him. Gods its tall, whatever it is. Rummaging around the room, Brown came across it, in the folds of some of her clothing, a one-handed sword. He went to draw the blade from its sheath, but the manacles would only let him go so far with it. He used his teeth for the rest.

"Get up." He commanded the elf.

Scurrying over to the window, he played with its mechanism. Flipping the switch on the lock, then attempting to lift the window. Frozen, dammit.

"Get up!" Brown again.

He paced around the room for a moment, moving with quiet steps. Finally he came to the door, pressing his ear against the wood. How do I get out of here? Someone's down stairs. The windows frozen, but I could break it. Though that would wake everyone. Sir Oryn and the rest will wake soon enough. I must act, it must be now.

"Your clothes." He pointed over to them, "Get them on, we're leaving."
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