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Een had slept well, her body at peace, or the majority of it had been. Her lovely silver hair ending in black was dry, spread out around her like a glistening cloak of her own. Her feet were still sore, but between the blankets and the heated bricks, they too had started to come around. Her breathing was even, her core temperature past any danger zones that the cold might have dropped her into. Her long neck and one gleaming, pale shoulder were all that were visible other than the aristocratic features on her face.

The small click of the door started her waking. Thinking Mistress Deekens had returned and that it was morning, her eyes had begun to open by the time the rough, callused hand fell over her mouth, the cold iron of the chain dangling by her neck. Her blue violet eyes snapped open immediately, wide and searching as she saw only masculine hands and heard his rough, uncultured voice threatening her. Who? What? How? Why? The thoughts flowed through her like water. She shivered and shook her head that she wasn't going to scream as she brought her fingers up by her neck to keep the chain from closing her air pipe should he decide to pull harder on it than the loose dangle that he had. I... I promise not to scream. Her voice was sincere if not frightened as she spoke it softly into his palm, a small shiver shaking her thin body. Her nostrils were flaring as she took in more air from fear.
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