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Brad, as the men headed upstairs, fetched fur rugs from a closet in the back, tossing them out for the boys to sleep upon. The common room was plenty warm enough to sleep in, and he stoked the fire so that it would burn all night. The middle-aged man moved quietly around the room, cleaning tables with a damp rag, collecting tankards that were left, washing them swiftly before he stepped upstairs for a few moments, and then came back down. He passed by the fireplace, checking it once again, and as he did so, pausing to smile down at the furred woman. For a moment he stood staring into the fire, standing next to her, and Rhyn shifted, leaning against his thick leg and bumping his hand in a request for attention. A sound similar to her laughter came from her as he obliged, running his fingers through her hair and around her ears.

Bradly looked at the young men that would be in his common room for the night. His voice was kind. "I wake early, boys, but I'll try to not be overly loud. No doubt you'll need what rest you get. If you need anything, ask Rhyn here for it. She knows where everything is." With that, the man disappeared into the kitchen, and with the sound of another door somewhere in the back, did not come back out.

Rhyn moved around silently on padded feet, blowing out candles. When she was finished, only the fire's glow lit the room. It was obvious as she stretched and took off the leather belt that was around her hips, that the fur rug in front of the fire was her space, claimed by whatever right she had there than nobody else had. After scanning over the young men in the room, she curled up, her body moving in a similar manner to an actual feeling, and her tail curling around her to hide her face from view. Already, the storm outside was beginning to howl around the inn.


The snow-leopard hiskr woke when it was still dark, her eyes taking in everything. Three other bodies were in the room with her, their bodies unfamiliar shapes, their breathing unfamiliar but not dangerous. It was still dark out, but the howling winds of the snowstorm had stopped. With a stretch, Rhyn moved from her place. She was up before Bradley, as often happened when she was in town. Quietly, she went about her usual routine, stepping outside and gathering a large armful of wood. She brought it in, carrying snow with it, and set it near the fireplace to dry in the heat. Meanwhile, as the dawn began to lighten the sky, she built up the hearth fire from coals into flame before going to wake Bradley.

The man woke with a groan as she chuffed laughter at him for being so defenseless against the cold. "Come, old man. You have people to make breakfast for this morning." He grunted at her, making her laugh again as he sat up and she moved from his room. He came out not long after, sleep in his eyes, his hair pulled into a rough ponytail. After checking that he was up before his guests, he started to make breakfast, the loud clang of an iron pot on the ground ringing through the building for a moment before he caught it.

It didn't take long for the scent of oatmeal to waft from the kitchen. Rhyn sat quietly in front of the fire, her legs curled under her, her tail flicking gently as she thought of the group in the inn. The three young men behind her... The blond one had never seen a hiskr. The brown haired had.. shrank, when there had been that small situation. She looked over the men in her mind again. Manacled Man was... interesting, but rude. The old man hadn't spoken to her. Neither had the other warrior. But he had acted swiftly. Only the marked one had talked to her. She flicked her ears. He had been rude too.

She sat, eyes half closed, just absorbing heat from the fire, a luxury she didn't allow herself except when she was safe and in Brad's Inn.
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