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Een ate without complaining. Carson worked slowly and carefully with her hair, not tugging upon it overly much. She listened to the crisp crackles as bits of ice broke loose, the coldness of it fleeing with the loosing of each strand. It contrasted greatly with the heat of the soup that went down her throat. Bits of soggy carrot and potato, bits of venison, all swirling down her mouth slowly. She chewed every little bit several times to make sure that it was closer to paste than to actual food that might get stuck in her throat.

As hair was unbraided and food gone, Een had settled into a weary relaxation. Thank you... both. She leaned into the pillows that propped her up a little, feeling her hair thawing rapidly now that it was undone, spreading all over the blanket behind her in ripply waves of silver and black. She moved her fingers, holding them in front of her to see the slightly overly pinkish tone that was in the extreme tips and frowned, wiggling them stiffly. These are still unfit to play. I'll have to be careful with them until I improve. Perhaps tomorrow then if I keep myself warm.

Her arms slipped back under the blanket and she felt more like a catepillar in a cocoon than an elf in a blanket. The image made her smile to herself. Perhaps I will be a butterfly upon the morrow? Then I can sing and be colorful once more. I would like nothing more than that, especially if another storm is on its way. Might as well get stuck with some paying customers, I think.
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