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Carson's round, clean-shaven face flushed brightly across his cheeks as she smiled at him. He mumbled something that sounded like a pleasantry in response, pulling a chair from where it sat near the wall and reaching carefully towards the first silver braid. Wonder was filling his eyes to the brim, but he tried to keep himself from staring, riveting his eyes upon his fingers as they undid the tie and began to carefully unweave the braid, letting ice flake off with the movement and the air of the room was already melting it so that it dripped upon the floor and on the blanket that covered her shoulders.

"There we go. We'll get your hair dry in no time, and by morning you'll probably be able to be up and about again. It would be time to sleep soon anyways. Once we've your hair down and your meal is finished, we'll let you sleep." She was as cheery as before, continuing to feed the elf without hesitation, paying careful attention so that she would be able to tell when Een was ready for the next bite.

It didn't take an extremely long time for the meal to be over with, and then Francesca helped her son undo the elf's braids with deft fingers, gently towel drying it when they were done as Carson stoked the fire so that it would burn all night. "Now, don't be afeared of getting cold up here, Lady. There's extra blankets underneath the bed if you need them, and I'll make sure Brad thinks to check in on you before he settles in to sleep. Sleep well. I'll come by in the morning, and hopefully we'll have you on your feet." She smiled in her motherly fashion, her son smiling and ducking his head from where he stood by the door.

"G'night, lady." He murmured as he closed the door after he and his mother left.


Manacled man shifted his weight, and Rhyn narrowed her eyes slightly as he responded. His comment upon her fur was not out of the ordinary. She'd had everybody in the village exclaim over it at one point or another, but his hands reaching out for her was not okay. She was beginning to step away, ears flattening, and when Dayton rose swiftly, her ears snapped down and she let out a hiss of warning, her tail lashing slightly. She felt her claws extending in her hands even as the an with the sword threatened the chained man. The feeling of anger was palpable, and she did not like it.

Even as things settled almost instantly, her hackles were raised a little bit, and her tail still lashed as she looked over the table quickly. Her eyes took note of the young man who had seemed to retreat into himself. She was unsure what was wrong with him, and wanted to ask, but was cut off by the man with the mark on his face, suggesting she leave. Her eyes narrowed at him, as she straightened to her unimpressive height. Her voice had settled into a growl as she responded to him, bold because of the adrenaline in her system. "I could just as easily suggest the same to you. Human." She twitched an ear in an irritable fashion, irked at how they had used her race to label her. Obviously these lowlanders had been raised completely without manners. Her eyes scanned over the group once more. Threat, threat, youngling, threat, youngling, youngling, threat... "Any of you, younglings, are welcome to sit with me by the fire, if you wish it. All should learn of things they haven't seen before." The announcement was made with a glance at the squires, and then, with a polite manner of ignoring the adults, she turned on her heel and padded back to the hearth, placing another log upon it.

As she was settling her spectacularly marked body on the dark rug once more, Caleb came in through the kitchens, rubbing his hands. The half elf called out. "All is still outside. Storm's rollin' in folks. Best to head home before it hits." His words brought grunts and words of acknowledgement from around the room. One at a time, the patrons gathered their cloaks and left, a wave at the bartender. The blacksmith paused before he opened the door, his voice rumbling easily across the room.

"It's good to have you back in town, Rhyn." The hiskr's spotted tail lifted from the ground and flicked it's black tip in acknowledgement of the large man. He smiled as he stepped into the cold.
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