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Brown wriggled in his chair, making its wooden form creak and shift. I wonder If I wrapped this chain around her neck, could I use her as leverage to escape. His brown eyes scaled over the three knights at his table, then cut their path back to the Hiskr. For a moment his body acted as if he were preparing to stand, muscles of his legs tensing, and arms stretching. He wanted to purvey the look of going to pet the cat, then he could slip the chain around it's throat.

"You are quite right, cat. I suppose you would outlast any other on the peaks. Though what about in here, in this room?" He said.

"What a lovely fur it is." Brown said, his hands reaching closer.

Dayton rose almost immediately, his hand finding Brown's shoulder, and his other the hilt of his long sword. Brown gazed back at him for a moment, smiling a crude smile.

"Stop or it'll cost you a finger." Dayton threatened.

The presence of anger was among them again. A tightness found its way to Nev's stomach. His hand dropped his spoon as it began to shake, and as he tried swallowing the lump in his throat he felt himself choking on his fear. He surely did not want another scene like back in the woods, so within himself he hid. Shoulders stooping further, sucking his head in like turtle.

"Don't talk to anyone, Brown. You'll be sleeping outside if you cause anymore trouble." Leraway's voice was stern against the jolly of the background.

"I wanted to ruffle the cats fur. Your sounding a lot like him, you know."

"Count yourself lucky to be eating. I've tried to be hospitable to your needs, but if you persist, it will end."

Brown sat back in his chair, letting Dayton relax into his own. For a moment his watched his brother, watched him drink his wine across the table. Their brown eyes meeting only once. He slicked his auburn hair back similar to Rayond's, mocking him. He held his chin high as to act noble, scoffing right to left.

"Perhaps you should leave, Hiskr." Leraway told her, looking up.
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