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Een nodded, affirming that she would not argue about her highborn status. There was little she could do to disguise the way she talk, only the things she said. It seemed that Mistress Deekens was a believer of the good of all mankind, everyone pulling together for survival. She was about to manage a reply as the young man came back in. Her blue violet eyes followed him about as he made his way nearer. It was harder for Een to trust a man, even one so young, than it was for her to simply trust in Mistress Deekens' kindnesses. Dressed only in a blanket, she was as flighty as a doe with a hunter nearby suddenly. It was easier to face men when she had all of her bard's garb on, prepared to put on the facade that the world could see.

He bared her reddened feet and she winced even at seeing them. Een bit her lip as the pain started in, watching in pained silence as the boy changed the brick around. He was kind about it, she had to give him that. The choice that Mistress Deekens offered him though, that was what startled her. The bard woman blinked, uncertainty written across her face. She hadn't even spoken in his presence at all since she had awoken. I must bear what I must bear. He appears to be a decent young boy if what his mother says is correct. It is just hard to put up with this level of vulnerability amongst strangers. It's easier to think of Mistress Deekens as a family servant instead, but the boy? All of my servants were female. Grin and bear it. That is what must be done.

She glanced at Carson, gave him a small smile with her red lips. I would be pleased if you would do so for me, thank you. Een turned her head slowly, her neck stiff, to give him easier access to her hair and less access to her uneasy facial expression. Her long braids of silvery hair were more silver than black now, the dye at the tips slowly fading. There was more in her pack if the thick glass container it was corked into hadn't shattered in the cold. It had been a hardy container so she was sure her luck had held and nothing was ruined by a river of black dye.

Een's eyes found Mistress Deekens' face and awaited the soup.
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