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Her laugh, if that really was the noise she had made, startled the boy. He look around to the knights of his party, wondering if they were going to say something to her. Make her go away. They all were too preoccupied with one another and their wine.

"I'm sorry," His head hung low, "I did not mean to stare."

Jarreth turned away from her, watching the sway of her tail out of the corner of his emerald eye.

Brown pulled the fur cloak of his high-born brother, further over himself. He drank his cider, wishing it to the wine the others were drinking. The links in his shackles sounded off nicely against the wood of the table, each one giving a low but stern thump as they connected. It would have been lie to say the Hiskr held no interest for him. He wondered why, out of everyone at this table, it would have approached a boy. Brown turned his torso to face it, the links scraping across the table.

"You are worth looking at, aren't you, cat? I haven't seen many Hiskrs on my travels, but all the ones I have, were clothed. Maybe that's what he's interested in, your nakedness. But your all fur, it's a bit saddening." Brown took a drink from his cider, metal links clinking together.

What am I going to do if he starts trouble with one of these people. They'd all be likely to jump us if he lures even one into quarrel. Leraway watched from inside his wine glass. The red liquid slowly creeping into his system. He gave a cheap sigh around time Brown spoke. Perhaps I should chain him up in one of the rooms we've rented.
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