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It was good as Mistress Deekens wrapped another blanket around her shoulders before unpinning her hair piece. Her long braids sprung free, bits of ice and snow tumbling out and soaking into the fabric instead of running down her back. She could feel the whispers of cold as they settled against her neck. At least they're thawed enough not to simply break off. The high elf could hear the crinkle of them, however. They were still very, very cold. Een nodded stiffly, not wanting her hair to move all that much. If you would undo my braids, Mistress Deekens... that would be wonderful. It's all... frozen through, I fear.

Carson's eyes looked her over and her face flushed slightly, the pink racing from cheek to cheek across the nose. The wonder she had seen in his eyes only proved that few full elves ever came this way. I must look like winter personified. Pale skin, pale hair, blue-violet eyes. If they get close enough to see the silver, then it'll only be official. She turned to the blond human woman and smiled gently. I'm used to being looked at. It's in... my profession, but... with his facial expression, I can only surmise that... very few high elves ever come this way. But I truly... understand the need to have... my clothes hanging by the hearth instead of... frozen to my body yet. It is simply an awkwardness that... I will become accustomed to soon enough. I am... simply grateful for your... assistance, Mistress Deekens. Your kindness is a miracle in itself. I am but sorry that I have no treasure... trove of gold to impart to you... for your goodness. My humble thanks... is all I have to offer you. Perhaps a song or two... when my fingers and voice... have completed their healing.

Een smiled at her and shivered, feeling the cold of the hair at her neck, raising goosebumps along her flesh. I wonder what he saw when he looked at me. A tale come to life? A monster? A woman that he'd want? Perceptions... They are all we have to view the world through lenses of the experiences we've had. Preconceived things in which to structure those things that we have yet to learn. It makes me feel so naked to have him oggle me like that! At least I've another blanket over my shoulders and the only thing to be seen is my face and neck. Perhaps I look like death, should death have pointed ears?
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