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Francesca set down the cider as Een requested help with her hair. She fussed in a motherly fashion, pulling out a blanket from underneath the bed and wrapping it deftly around Een's shoulders, pulling her hair free so that the blanket wouldn't allow water to melt down her back. "I'll get Carson to grab a towel. Would you like me to take it down as well?" The older woman smiled at the color of the locks of hair.

Carson returned with a knock on the door, bringing in a small tray with the bowl of stew upon it and another cup of cider. "I'll be right back with another hot brick, Ma." He set the tray down.

"And a towel, for her hair, Carson!" The young man nodded, unable to hide wonder from his brown eyes as he glanced once more at the elf before leaving again. He would be back before long with both towel and hot brick. "I'm sorry. It must be awkward to wake up without clothing, but your clothes were sopping, caked with snow. They would have frozen to you as we tried to thaw you out. I've hung them by the hearth, in case you were wondering."


Brad watched carefully from across the room, his dark eyes cautious and distrustful. He felt a protective surge as Rhyn approached the group, a little out of ordinary for the woman that was as shy as the wild cats she called cousin. He was polishing a mug with a clean rag. The men looked rough, battle-trained and tough. The fact that they had squires and one man that was in manacles did not make him want to trust them any more. The fact that they were a bit of profit was all that kept him allowing them to stay.


Rhyn's ears lowered into her hair as they all stopped and looked at her. Their rounded tips poked out from the side and self-consciously, one hand raised to rub at the silver metal that embedded itself in her leather collar. She focused her mind upon the single cub that had stared at her, his eyes wide. As the rest of the group turned back towards their own business, she felt herself chuckling. The sound came out gently, in a breathy sound. "Huah, huah." Her ears raised, not having so many eyes upon her raising her confidence a little. "And do you always stare so, at something you have never seen before?" She tilted her head at the boy, the longer hair that fell by her chin swaying slightly as she did so. "Don't people take offense when you stare?" Her tail swayed in long sweeps behind her.

It did not occur to her that these people, from farther into the lowlands than even the people she had grown fond of here, would not consider her lack of clothing appropriate or acceptable. One hand moved slowly, running through the spotted fur along her side, and into the creamy white of her stomach.
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