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The high elf felt the blanket slip a little and tried to work her stiff fingers enough to keep it up over her less than ample bosom in the presence of a stranger regardless who had stolen her clothes away. Pillows were packed into place, propping her up properly and promptly. The coarse wool blanket was most scratchy, but it did its just still. Tankard pressed to her lips, Een sipped at it slowly, little, dainty slurps coming from her mouth as she did so. It was an awkward process, but she wanted the heat in her stomach pretty badly.

The knock was startling and cause a little of the cidar to spill from her mouth as she jerked away from it mildly, trying to make the blanket go up further with her inadequate fingers. The very tops of her pale shoulders were visible and it made her nervous, even with the person at the door being a plain looking, sandy haired boy. A little bit of ice seemed to break loose from her braided hair, a dribble of moisture shooting down her back. Een yelped as it trailed down her back, shivering. Oh, that's cold! Mistress Deekens? I would be... in your debt... if you would be so kind as... to pull my hair free... to let it thaw more quickly. Perhaps a towel around it... as well? The food and cidar... will be appreciated as well, of course. She shivered again. The trickle of water was still going and it was cold!

What I wouldn't do to be instantly transported to a lovely little coastal town covered in tropical birds and monkeys! Where oh where is the heat? Other than that burning sensation in my toes...?
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