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He found himself in the crowded inn quicker than he had initially hoped, standing swords in hand, before the burly bearded man. Zach. Zach. He would remember the name for future reference. Nev faltered slightly as Zach spoke, his voice so perfectly fit his appearance. The bluntness of his manner as well. His eyes moved away from the smithy, finding the wooden floor as Brandon began to whisper in his ear. Nev found a smile as he was nudged away, giving one more "Thank you.", and then scurried over to where his knight sat. He stood by the table in silence, not wanting to interrupt conversation.

"No," Leraway answered Dayton's question, "but I share the same feeling as you. They are suspicious of us, are they not?" Leraway went about it much quieter than Dayton, noticing the odd silence after he asked.

Leraway started to pour wine for the men, filling all but one of the goblets. The one in front of Brown. The three knightless squires, if that's what they could be called now, made annoying noises and they ate and drank. The three knights went about their meals delicately, taking a bite here and there.

"How was the blacksmith?" Dayton asked upon finding Nev.

"Says he closed for the night, sir." Handing back the longswords.

The boy accepted the stares of Dayton and Leraway with hostility(regardless if there was any actual), glancing at the floor to avoid them.

"He's over there," He pointed to Zach, "talk to him if you don't believe me."

"It's fine, have a seat." Leraway reassured him.

"So how do you feel, wasn't that your first taste of combat?" Dayton asked.

Nev found the auburn haired man across the table, snug in his knights fur cloak.

"Well?" Now Brown asked.

Nev stooped down into his stew, filling his mouth with food to avoid filling it with words. Dayton laughed with Brown as if they had been friends.

"Leave him be," Leraway said, taking a gulp of wine, "--my first time was no less pretty." Though when is death ever pretty?

Jarreth had lost interest in the Hiskr, returning his eyes to his food and cider. When his hair would fall forward, he would, in the softest and most effeminate manner brush it back. The blonde squire had not noticed her until she was upon him. Her voice had not been so shocking to him as much as her appearance. He flipped his hair about as he moved to look at her, spewing a bit of stew out of his mouth on finding her. He whipped his lips clumsily.

"N--no. No I have not." Thing, sir, ma'm? What should he call it?

The entire group turned to the Hiskr for a moment, each delving into her appearance. Then slowly, one by one, broke back off into their conversations. Every now and again one of them would send glances her way. Brown seemed the most interested in her.

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