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Een opened her mouth obediantly again, delighting in the hot liquid that rolled down her throat. Things started to feel alive inside again instead of simply cold and wooden. Her fingers were still stiff and cold, almost to the point of being hot, but it was her feet that she was the most concerned about. They were burning something awful and she couldn't move them without horrendous pain. Thank you, Mistress Deekens. Without your aid, I'm... sure I would have perished... despite the rescue. I will do as you say... and not try to get out of here... until I have your approval. Her lips bent into a suitable smile for the older blond human. It is so hard to tell how old a human is. I can never gauge it quite right. Looking at her she would be about... 330 years old? But they're so much shorter lived...

A hand passed over her face and landed on her forehead. Checking temperature, no doubt. In case, I'm delirious or fevered. I don't feel delirious. Fevered, maybe. Hard to tell with my toes being on fire and hurting so badly. She waited patiently for more of the delicious cider to be given to her. It had warmed up her stomach and she was so hungry that she wanted to put food into her belly too as well as the cider. But Mistress Deekens must know her own craft and will give me food when she deems it time. Patience, patience. All good things come in time. Isn't that a human saying? She listened to the fiddling down below as it came through the floor. It was adequate, nothing fancy, but she wasn't about to tell the woman that her husband was only okay. That would have been offensive! So she simply complimented the woman the best way possible, by telling her what she might have wanted to hear. Your husband... He plays well. I... am a bard by trade myself. Hence the lute. Her stiff fingers tried to curl the blankets closer around her body and succeeded only in making her fingers bend... a little.
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