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Whisper's breaths came heavy as his lips pressed into hers, feeling his barely restrained desire for her. Her heart raced, the sudden freeing of the dam after a week of drought had her throat letting loose soft moans until he slowly pulled away, his teeth rasping across her lower lip. She shivered as he growled, wanting what he offered and with a fervent desire she hadn't realized until he voiced it. If he dies tomorrow... Yes. I'll be with you tonight. Her voice was breathless, her eyes locked onto his.

Then Echo tugged. Whisper jerked slightly, startled, coming back to herself suddenly. A blush spread across her cheeks. She had been caught... sort of. The others are waiting for us. We... we should go. She unwound gently from his arms and, before she let go, placed another kiss on his mouth, longer than she should have, but shorter than she wanted. Then she simply tugged him out of the stall and started on her way to the door to the inn.


Juli rolled her eyes. I don't think I'll ever understand how you both do that... Whisper came in the front door and looked around, trying to cool the heat in her cheeks. Ah! There you are! Give me your purse and I can pay for two rooms. Mender and Tomick can share one and the three of us can share the other. Maeve says the beds are big enough for two or three people. There was an ulterior motive in her mind. The chance to sleep so close to the other two women was the best she knew that she could ever get, but even so... It would be nice to... "accidentally" cuddle Whisper as she sleeps... I mean, it's harmless...

Actually, I was thinking that I could... uh... get a private room to share with... Her eyes flickered guiltily over to Echo. As long as it's not a problem with anyone else? She was asking permission from her sister, a soft sort of pleading spilling onto the link between them. Whisper would never do anything to hurt Echo and, if she said no, the paladin woman would obey regardless of the hurt it would cause in Tomick. If tonight is the last night...

But if we two have to share with Mender... Juli glanced over to where the big man sat with a slight frown. She liked Mender, but he was just such a large man and to squeeze two people in with him...

If everyone wants their own room, I'll splurge for it, okay? Does that satisfy everyone? Maeve smiled from behind her counter. It sounded like it would be a profitable evening indeed. She wouldn't argue. The innkeeper woman just kept a tally on things as she shined up another glass mug.
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