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Tomick stared into her eyes, watching the play of emotions, and as she pulled him down to kiss him, he smiled slightly into the motion, letting passion flow free from his tightly trained control, pushing her up against the stall wall and pinning her there for a moment as he devoured her lips with a serious of heavy kisses, and nips, his tongue flicking between them to caress against her own briefly. His hands trailed down until they encountered cloth over flesh rather than armor.

He didn't pull away as the stableboy cleared his throat to go about his business. He simply pulled on hand away from Whisper, making a rude gesture in the general direction the sound had come from before pressing harder against Whisper for a few moments longer, tugging gently at her lower lip with his teeth before pulled back from the kiss, his breathing a little heavier. He growled. "I'm sure he's encountered worse in the loft." He swiftly claimed her lips for another kiss before resting his forehead against hers for a moment. "We should catch up to the others. They'll be waiting for us." He sighed a little, being the one to pull them back to their duty. But he leaned in to whisper in her ear. "I want you. Spend the night with me?" He had a small sense of dread, as if there could be something huge happen that might split everything apart.


Echo laughed as Mender eagerly went to seek a place to sit, and then laughed again as Maeve said she'd point out likely choices for company that night. Again, part of her smirked and she smiled. Perhaps, she would win one of these farmboys over. What better to get her back into normality than to flirt like she wasn't hurt? She felt a flare of something from Whisper, and ignored it automatically, until Juli's question of where Whisper and Tomick were made her pause and examine what was seeping along their link.

She started to giggle a little. 'I think Whisper stopped ignoring Tomick... or he got fed up with it and tackled her.. She felt a twinge of envy as passion flowed down her link, licking at her with a fire that she didn't have at that moment. "They'll be in soon, Juli. Probably any moment now.' took a deep breath so that her envy didn't taint her touch, and tugged upon the link with a bit of impatience to let Whisper know that they were waiting.
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