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He came closer to her, the smell of horse thick in the air, just like the hay and the wood scents. His fingers came and tilted her head to look upwards, her forelocks being moved aside with gravity. She had no choice except to look at him though she tried to let her eyes escape, flickering to the side, guilt in hers to see the hurt within the passion. As Tomick's arms came around, she tried to pull away at first, his insistance finally winning over. The words he was saying made sense, but her duty to her kin was overwhelmingly superior simply by the link between the two sisters. That she could feel Echo's misery as keenly as her own agonized her. Tomick pulled back, looking at her, studying her face before his arms pressed against her strongly, his lips brief but heavy against hers.

Her eyes flickered to his as he swore, but it was his assertion of possession that made her shiver in his arms as nuzzled her and then snapped his teeth over her neck in a love bite. She closed her eyes to tilt her head just enough to give him more access to her neck, her hands on his upper arms, feeling the heat of his breath against her skin. It made her hungry for him. The possessive way he had declared that she belonged to him had done something to her in that instant. Pressed against him, between his armored bulwark and the wooden wall of the stall, she felt desire for him. It was a keen, sharp edged thing. Whisper wanted to deny it, to strangle it in favor of protecting her sister. How can I protect my sister if I'm distracted by Tomick? But, Chloe, how could you live with yourself if he were to die against Gideon? She swallowed and opened her eyes, looking into his dark ones, the ones that wanted her, that had always wanted her. He's so willing to accept whatever crumbs fall from your hand, Chloe. He loves you more than any other woman in the world. You can see that in the way he looks at you. You want him and have never wanted another man as much as you have wanted him. If today is the last day of his life, would you want him to die knowing that you were willing to push him aside because, out of everyone in the world, he didn't matter very much to you? He already knows that you will put yourself between a blade and your sister and you'd not do that for him, expecting him to turn his own opponent's blade. If today truly was his last day, would you want to deprive him of the only thing that he wants, to make him die alone?

The sharp reminder in her mind brought her right to the issue. If today was the last of their days, would she regret not making love to him? Would she regret hurting him? Would she regret? Yes... I'm... I'm sorry, Tomick. I'll try to be less... I'll... She couldn't figure out what else she wanted to say or how to phrase it. So instead, she used actions. Her hands slid up his arms and along his broad armored shoulders to cup both of his cheeks where she pulled him closer even as she pressed her lips against his heavily.

The stableboy came in, blinked at what was happening in his stable, cleared his throat as he began walking away to dish out food and water to the horses.


Juli looked at the innkeeper woman. Maeve, if we give you a gold and a silver, could we get a second room? I'm pretty sure we have it with the other two of our associates. I'm sure that everyone here would love a hot bath and a large meal. She grinned and elbowed Mender who blushed worse than he had previously.

Sure thing, love. Once you get me that coin, then I'll give you a key. But for now, make yourselves at home at a table and we can start feeding you now if you'd like. Or at least it will give you a place to sit that's not a saddle. Maeve smiled brightly, waving her hand to indicate the nearly empty room before them with the exception of the old man.

Now there's something I can appreciate. Something that's not a saddle! Juli chuckled as Mender went to find himself a bench large enough to suit his needs as the chairs seemed just a little too small for a man as large as he was.

We'll probably have the whole town over once it gets darker. The ones out on the fringes of town like to come by here these days for mealtimes as do most of the townfolk. So if any of you or your friends are interested in companions, I can always point the likely ones out to you. It was just an informative thing the innkeeper did. Her husband was a better cook than a bartender so he was working away on the delicious smelling food from the kitchen.

With a glance towards the door, Juli frowned. It doesn't usually take this long to get the horses settled. What's taking those two so long?
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