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He was disappointed to hear about the blacksmith, knowing Leraway wouldn't want to wait around this place much longer than needed. Brandon was charismatic though, and made the squire feel confident with himself.

"Thank you, sir--Brandon, I mean." He corrected himself.

Nev walked with the man along the small snow covered houses. He felt awkward within himself, not knowing what to speak on. Silently hoping they would reach inn quickly. One of the blades dug into his arm, Nev fumbled around with them for a moment. He knew the difference between Sir Dayton and Sir Leraway's sword almost without a second glance. While they were both longswords, Leraway's cross guard was curved inward to the shape of a 'U', as Dayton's was simple and straight.

At the Stables:

They followed inside the stable, Dayton leading his saddled palfrey by the reins. Jarreth followed with Leraway's chestnut mare, straddled with the his wooden cart. And lastly Ulis with Sir Oryn's nag. He motioned the squire to listen to the stable boy, letting the cart rest in the first stable. Dayton had wanted to leave the boys with the animals and cart so nothing went missing, but maybe the stable boy didn't understand that.

"If everything is here in the morning, there will be something extra for you." Dayton said.

And if its not, there will be something extra for you. He gave a slight smile, thinking of what he might do to stable attendant. He moved over to the cart, spying the three sets of armor that lay in it, and affectionately, Brown's own. He gestured for the squires to follow, and they made for the inn. Before entering he spied a man and a boy walking off in the snow, but he was oblivious to whom it was.

The four made their way to Leraway's table in the back, arriving as the first set of extra chairs came. Dayton waited to speak, letting the attendant and barmaid leave.

"Caught the stable-boy poking his git." He laughed dryly, his head craned over to the female server.

Sir Oryn was the only to have enough gumption to laugh.

They were happy to see the stew, Oryn and Leraway slid their helpings over to the squires, but Brown did no such thing. Leaving one of the squires looking at him with big doughy eyes. Brown paid no attention, he feasted like an animal, covering himself with more food than he ingested.

"Hot!" Brown exclaimed with a happy look, pulling away for a moment.

"And snows cold." Dayton said.

Leraway watched Brown closely, wondering how they could be related. They both had the same look, sure. Brown eyes, similar build of nose, and both their faces took on the shape of a diamond. Though it was their personality he was more focused on. My fathers son, raised in the darkness.

"Red will suit us." Leraway told the man as he returned.

Dayton looked about the room for a moment, smiling stupidly at everyone he found. Harsh group, aren't they. Why would anyone want to live in this shit-hole. One of the squires interrupted his thought, going on about a Hiskr. First time seeing a Hiskr? Don't get out much do you, squire? He looked upon the walking cat himself, a brilliantly colored thing it was.

"This is really the end of world, isn't it? Is this where your father exiles people, Rayond?"
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