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Tomick didn't look over at Whisper as she first started speaking to him. His fingers brushed through his horse's dark mane even as the animal snorted into his water bucket. As she spoke, he blinked, calm. He knew that she would recognize the Court-mask because her sister would have used it just as often as he did. He knew that she was wholly centered around taking her sister. It was probably a duty that she took more seriously even than this mission they were on now. As she trailed off, dark eyes looked over at her, and his shoulders dropped as he sighed slightly.

His hand rested on Sunhigh for a moment longer and then he stepped easily away from the horse, and over to Whisper. His hands moved to cup her cheeks and tilt her head to look at him. His eyes were swirling with a mixture of hurt and a passion. He wanted to crush her against him. The older sister took care of the younger, but who took care of Whisper? With a sigh, his arms circled around her, insisting if she resisted. "I know you're taking care of your sister, Whisper. I don't think less of you for it. But she'll be no happier for you starving yourself of your own relationship. She's self-oriented, and that can't necessarily be helped, but she won't resent that you have some happiness." He sighed again, still hurt somewhat by her distance. Pulling back he looked at her, steadily and hard for a moment.

Court-trained, he searched her for what was going on, and as he picked out the cues that he found that told of her insecurity. His arms crushed around her without hesitation, and he pressed his lips to hers briefly. "Dammit, Whisper. I know I've not managed to beat you even in play yet, but for right now, you're mine!" He nuzzled along the side of her jaw and nipped her sharply. "I know you're worried about Echo. I worry about her too. But as your lover, I think I might be deserving of some attention too!" His voice was muffled, his face tucking down against her neck and shoulder. He breathed the scent of her in, and then raised his head. "Stop avoiding me, alright? Let Echo tell you if it bugs her. If it does, we can tone it down. Until then... " His eyes were still swirling, but he was willing to accept her apology, as half-formed and awkward as it was.


Echo grinned at Maeve's comment, and chuckled at Mender's expression. She turned with Juli, consulting. "I'm pretty sure that she's got a gold. If not, then I think between us all we would still have enough. I've got..." She felt her pouch, counting the coins by the size and feel of them. "I think roughly seven silver. And I know that Charles would have paid Whisper for escorting him even just to Randatria.... We just have to wait on her.
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