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Echo smiled and bat long eyelashes at the young man once. "That's kind of you, sir." She accepted his offer to hold Gruff for her. She took his offered hand, swinging herself off the horse so that she was facing away from the gelding. Her feet touched the ground lightly, and she put a little more pressure on the stableboy's hand so that he would believe he had helped her balance herself. With a bright smile and a touch of her hand on his muscled shoulder, she left Gruff with him. "He's a good horse, easy to take care of so long as you stay quiet of him. Leery of loud sounds, but I'm sure you're perfectly wonderful at keeping a horse calm." She blinked sweetly at him as she walked away, her bells whispering at her ankles in gentle harmony.

Echo followed close behind Juli, smiling at the knight as she walked with her into the inn. She grinned a greeting at the woman behind the bar. She was waiting for Juli to speak, but with a glance at the woman, realized she was at a loss for words at the innkeeper's offer of company. With a chuckle, she shook her head. "Please, madam. Just a room, and I believe, some food. We've three others that will be joining us, as soon as they settle their horses." Her eyes sparkled. Part of her debated going to wander the town to find one of their handsome lads. But a twinge in her mind made her link her hands over her body. Stop that. It'd only be to get revenge, and that's no use at all. What does Shad care who you sleep with? She held her grin steady.


Tomick led Sunhigh into the stable and settled the stallion quickly, pulling the tack off of him and rubbing the buckskin down quickly. His eyes strayed over to Whisper often, a mixture of confusion and hurt stuffed behind a blank shield. The man wasn't sure why she was avoiding him since her sister had lost her first lover, but it hurt. He was unsure how to bring it up.
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