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Last Chance? That sounds... dreary. Just how far did I get lost? From the sound of it, she had walked to the other side of the world. Obediantly, Een opened her mouth so the woman could squeeze some of the warm liquid down her throat. She could feel it moving across her tongue, forcing herself to swallow carefully, and then feeling it move all the way down her throat and into her stomach. A little trail of warmth had begun to form there, making her realize just how close to freezing to death she had been. Gods, that could have been devastating! I'd've never thawed out here again! A little frozen corpse, blue enough to match my vest. Where is my vest...? And who's Rhyn? I'll have to thank her. Thank... you. I'm... Een. What's your... name? I would... like to know... whom to be... grateful to. I will have... to thank my rescuer... too if that's... possible. It took an effort to get all of that out, but she felt better for it, the classical flare and crisp pronunciation of her words making it clear that she was a well bred high elf from more warmer climates.

The bard was quite pleased to realize that her fingers were starting to flex, turning back to the paler cream that she expected them to be as she looked down at them without moving her head too much. She was prepared for more of the other woman's nursing and quite grateful for it too. It had been a long time since she had felt such care where she hadn't had to do anything but lie there. Never since I left home. Servants had always been nice even if I was simply a plaything to my mother. Feeling sick? You'd wake up to find someone with a bowl of soup and a cold cloth on your head, someone standing over you to make sure that you ate well and got your rest regardless of how irritating it was to sleep all day. Never thought I'd miss being taken care of. A small smile lit her pale face, feeling better by the moment.
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