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Whisper nodded. To the inn then. She turned Wraith towards the town and led them in. There were a few houses that were near the inn, a store, and a couple outlying homes that appeared to be connected to small field plots interspersed in the woods. A few people were outside though, they seemed to be looking at the newcomers with a bit of apprehension.

Steering into the stable area, the stableboy looked up at the woman on her large horse. Welcome, mum. This be the stable to Harper's Inn. No better inn for miles. He smiled. He appeared to be fifteen or so, lanky and moved with an easy grace in his loose tunic and breeches. He had hay in his hair and an easy smile. He was very plain, brown hair, brown eyes, freckles. Stew's probably already on inside. I can take care of yer horses.

Whisper shook her head. This horse is mine and I'll take care of him myself. She swung off the large animal who snuffled at her hair as she came to his head. He doesn't like strangers. She looked at the others, knowing that Firebrand and Sunhigh should be taken care of by their riders or one of their own as well. The other two were more riding horses than anything else. Echo, Juli, why don't the both of you go and get us a room?

The stableboy moved quickly towards Echo's side, smiling flirtatiously. Can I hold yer horse for you, mum? Help you dismount? It was quite easy to see that the boy had taken quickly to Echo and her lovely countenance. Whisper thought it was just as well. Maybe it'll help her take her mind off Shad some more. It's not been an easy week for any of us.

Juli swung off of her mount and handed the reins to Mender as she waited for Echo before heading towards the inn. Whisper tugged Wraith into a good sized stall and began to take the tack off of him, murmuring things that made no sense to the large gray horse though the calming sounds were soothing. She brushed him down slowly. Mender was done first with Firebrand and Juli's horse before he went inside after the others, leaving Tomick and Whisper in the stable, the stableboy having gone off to find some more foodstuffs for the new beasts.


Juli looked around at the inside of the Harper's Inn. A large woman stood behind a bar, scouring glasses with a clean rag as she whistled a tuneless song, obviously tone deaf. Ahoy there! Welcome guests! What can I do for you? We've rooms. We've food. We've drink. We can find you companions if you are in such a fine state to need some. We've several handsome young men around town. The woman was a buxom blond who spilled partially from her top though, as a large woman, she seemed to be quite expansive in the hip as well. Her skirts and sleeves were poofy even though they appeared to be all cotton and she wore a frilly cloth headcovering to hide most of her hair under. The keg behind her was obviously filled with ale as it was labeled very clearly "Harper's Inn Ale."

The inn itself was a neat establishment. Wooden flooring well-worn over the years, a brick fireplace that was unlit as of yet but had a goodly sized stack of wood nearby. There were several tables with only one filled by an old man with a bent back and a long white beard. There was a staircase that led upstairs to the private rooms and two doors on the main floor, one to the kitchen that smelled like fresh sweetbread and beef stew and one to the presumed common room for other, less well funded patrons to sleep in. Juli was at a loss for words as soon as the large blond woman mentioned companions and young men in the same breath. She had use for neither.
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