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Tomick had halted Sunhigh as soon as the man had approached them, shouting, and his hand had automatically gone to his sword. The stallion snorted and pranced under him, but calmed as Tomick stroked his neck. "We could all use a decent sleep in a bed, but this whole thing makes me nervous. The town could have useful information about what's going on though. When things started, when it all escalated." Sunhigh sidestepped under him, and he avoided Whisper's gaze a little. His voice gave away nothing but his position as second. "Information is important. We don't want to rush in blind. We can always make a short stop and continue onward if we wish. After all, we can camp just as easily a few miles down the road as we can here." Matter of fact. Simple.

Echo looked at the town unsure. A town meant a chance to bath other than a quick roll in a stream, a chance to wash some of her clothing. She didn't care much about her leathers. They would need special care. But anything else could be cleaned. "I'm somewhat tempted just at the thought of food other than hard tack... But I want this over with." She looked at Whisper, torn. How close was Gidheon, if this Gidocian was the same? Was he just over the hill, or deep into the woods? She'd rather come at him well rested. And though she'd hid it well from others, she was feeling more drained than normal by a long days ride. She had trimmed up roughly the same as Whisper, her muscles hardening and growing used to the extra usage as she lost some of the extra padding from her soft life. But the only signs were a sharpening of her almost elven features. "information is important. We don't know how far we'll have to ride to find this guy. He may very well be on the other side of the meadow, or two days farther beyond that."

She was trying hard to not let her life at Court influence her opinions. She wanted to be clean and well fed. But duty had been her solace in the last week. She had both appreciated and hurt that her sister was avoiding Tomick. There had been no little outbreaks like on the day Shad left. It might have helped ease a lot of tension. The group had become all about duty, and there was no play. With Echo clinging to her duty in order to keep her heart healing, she had neglected her own time to play. "Perhaps, stop long enough to hear the story, and then continue?"
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