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The smell of wood and wool found her first. It was an old wood type of smell, like the type in a cabin or an old inn. The wool smelled just slightly damp, but it was closer to her nose than the wood. Her body felt warmth somewhere deep in her core, down by her feet too. She breathed shallowly, feeling the tight skin around her nostrils and her throat. Her hair crinkled behind her head as she moved. I'm thawing. Her eyelashes were still caked together, but they too were loosening. I have to be alive.

She pressed her nose to take in a bigger breath than the shallow ones, but the expansion of her lungs hurt. A small squeak came from her throat. It was irritating being denied movement. She wanted to open her eyes, her mouth, to take a deep breath without experiencing the agony of frozen lungs. The warm air in the room was moving through her, the heated bricks cooking her flesh. Sensory awareness was coming back slowly too. She could feel the wool blanket wrapped around her snugly against her bare skin. It was much coarser than the fabric of her clothes so she knew this to be the case; however, she would not forsake the warmth because of the fabric that gave it to her.

Slowly, after several long spans of time or what seemed to be several long spans of time, Een's blue violet eyes with their silver rings opened just a crack. She saw a fire in a hearth, thick wooden walls, the thick gray blanket that was wrapped up to her chin, and the form of a figure nearby. The high elf swallowed shallowly and attempted to open her mouth. It did not work. She tried again. It still did not work. She tried once more and felt her muscles move, finally responding. Wh...ere am... I? It took a ponderously long time to speak the words, her eyes slowly opening more completely though she did not move her frozen body even another inch.
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