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Whisper felt better the second the wall that had been between them opened. She could see her sister's hurts, but she also knew that Echo would survive it because she hadn't closed herself off. The road that they walked had always been a hard one, but at least they had each other in the very least. Hugging her sister, she realized how vulnerable her littler sister could be, the one that had never let anyone else's feelings touch her except for Whisper's or their father's. Instead, she shed all of her pretentions, her facades, her clothes, in the arms of a man that she had feelings for and he walks away... By the Mane, what would I do if Tomick simply said "That's it, Whisper. I can't do this anymore." and then simply turned around and walked away from me? She tried to imagine what that would feel like, but she couldn't. She had had no experience with rejection from a man she had slept beside. She supposed it would be quite different from the brush of indifference some of the lionesses had given her as it had hurt a little, but she had not felt the connections to them in the first place.

Echo stepped away and began moving back towards the group. It was true that everything had been picked up and was ready to go. Whisper smiled slightly. I can always trust Tomick to make sure all the details are taken care of. I don't even have to think about them, just lead when we're on the road and into battle. Whisper approached to take Wraith's reins from the man's hands, glancing down to see he had found his boot. There was so much in her head already that she leaned in to kiss his cheek. Thanks, Tomick. Then she swung up onto her horse which snorted, impatient to be gone now that he had been well rested.

She surveyed her group. Echo, Tomick, Juli, and Mender, faces that she knew, pieces on the gameboard if it came to it. They were going to fight a man whose abilities were completely unknown. How many will survive it? Will I? I have to. Leosine, strengthen my arm and let me cut down my foes. Today we head away from Randatria and head on towards the East. We're looking for a field full of statues that has been a concern to the citizens there. Rumors of a new god, a false god, have risen and we must go and see for ourselves. This is the will of the Council. It might take all of our strength and our steel, but we will fight and will will prevail. She said it loudly and clearly to all those gathered there. It was the only things she could say. She would not speak of Gideon, not yet. That would raise too many questions about her family right now that she wasn't prepared to deal with.

Mender and Juli smiled at her, ready for a fight even if they didn't know why. They would follow her out of loyalty to the Order, she thought. Tomick was loyal to her. Echo was bound by love and family just as Whisper was to her. Even if the rest of them left, they two would go out to destroy their own blood.
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