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Echo froze at the sound of her birth name. She hadn't been called that since she was little, since Mother had died. Everybody called her Echo. There were few that knew her as anything different. Tears sprang to her eyes again as she listened to her sister. "Don't you dare take the blame for this, Chloe. She wrapped her arms around the larger woman's waist, squeezing her, though it didn't affect her with the armor she wore. "I won't close up... You're right. I won't let him be somebody who can beat me..." She backed up. "Come on. Let's go find our quarry. We've a mission to complete and a world to make safer... She pushed down the despair she was feeling over ever finding a life partner, starting the walk back towards the camp. For the first time, Echo turned towards duty for solace.

She used her sleeve to gently pat away tears that had turned her eyes bloodshot already. Slowly, she pulled down the wall that was between her and Whisper, allowing the feelings between them to be openly known. Her sister deserved to know just how deeply she was hurt, but also how determined she was to press onward anyways.

When she reached the camp, they were packing the last of things into place on the horses. Tomick was finishing his breakfast, holding his horse, Whispers, and Echo's in one hand while he finished eating the cooked apple. As Echo came into sight, he raised a brow at her. She pushed past him to take the reins of her brown gelding from him. "What, Tommy? Haven't you ever had a quarrel before?"

Wisely, the man did not reply to her question specifically. "Will he be back?"

Echo shook her head, silent. She swung up onto the gelding, and patted his neck soothingly, not bothering with boots. Her voice was soft as she spun magic to help the horse calm a little more. "Easy, boy. I never did pick out a name for you. You probably didn't even have one except to a stableboy or holster that had grown fond of your face." She leaned forward slightly, murmuring, the horse's ears flicking towards her as he listened. "I promise I'll take better care of you, my boy. And I'll find a name for you soon..." She sat up sighing as she swallowed back her feelings that anger continued to feed upon. She forced a smile to come upon her face, though her eyes were filled with pain. All that was left was for Whisper to lead them out now.

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