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Whisper frowned as Echo pulled away from her. She listened to her sister because that was all she feared that she'd be able to do for her. Whatever Echo was feeling for that difficult, stubborn, jerk of a half elf was strong. That was easy enough to see. What really happened to you down in those sewers, Echo? How did he grab your attention? Did you see something about him that I couldn't? Watching the interplay of emotions on Echo's face as she moved, was intense. It was just as much as feeling the emotions themselves ripple through the link the two women shared. Anger and sadness seemed the most prevalent two, but there was a midling of fear and irritation.

Echo's fingers stretched around Whisper's palm and the older sister firmed her grip even as Echo falsified her levity. Echo... Keari. She said Echo's real name with all seriousness. Mother wouldn't be happy just because you'd be breaking men's hearts. You know as well as I do that all she really wanted was for you and I to find men like Daddy and be happy, just like she was when she was alive. With us. Her pale blue eyes tried to keep contact with Echo's, her mind filled with all the seriousness in the world. And you know I didn't like Shad, but... If what you said is true, that you saw through him when he didn't have his guard up and that he cared for you, maybe he was just too scared to admit it. Even to himself. Men can be stupid and can get scared, just like other women do. Whatever you do, Keari, don't close your heart off. Then he would have succeeded destroying you completely and the world would be poorer for it. I would be poorer for it.

Whisper's honesty had come out. There was little she could do to stop it. She could not and would not condone what Shad had done to her sister, but there was no reason for Echo to come out cold. Her sister had always been a fiery girl, one that could burn anyone with either her joy or her anger. If Shad could snuff that out just by walking away, then all hope was lost. Mother wished for our happiness. She was an odd woman, but she wanted the very best for us which was why she spent so much time with you. She worried so much about you all the time. And when I was standing beside her before she died, she took my hands and told me to look after you. And so many times I fail because I'll looking around you instead of at you, even though I can feel you on the inside of my head as if you were peanut butter stuck to the roof of my mouth. I take it forgranted that you'd always be there. And then, I get angry at you and tell you that you can have your own way and this happens. So many things are my fault. This is one of those things again. Guilt sung out in Whisper's emotions, self recrimination. It became very clear that Whisper blamed all of Echo's relationship problems on herself, a curse for not protecting her sister as she had once in Court, pummelling the boys that came too near.
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