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The terrain of their travels had begun to inspire despair in his heart. Sir Leraway had told them that he recalled the way back to the trail, but young Nev took notice of a tree he believed to have seen thrice before. His head fell from its cocked position. They walked for a time, the young squire attempting to rouse the courage to speak on what he saw. When he built himself up enough with inner praise, he moved out from behind his knight. As he had begun to speak, he spied the evergreens parting for their lost path.

I never should have doubted him. It had been him who stood in front of me when the auburn haired man went about cutting down men of our party. Nev looked to the back of Leraway's cart, to the man that was shackled to its rear-end. He still had that smile on his face, even after he was long subdued. A sick smile, the smile of a killer. His eyes quickly trailed away as they met the mans. He couldn't help but noticing a resemblance between the man and Leraway.

The boy thought back on the moment when they chased him to the woods. There had been Nine men and near as many squires. He had never seen anyone so fast, and so cunning as this man. What was his name? Brown, something. Nev had never felt so much fear as when he watched the auburn haired man cut through their troupe. He cringed remembering how some of the knights had used their squires as meat-shields. Though it had been Sir Leraway and Sir Dayton that stepped up and fought against him until their swords were thoroughly notched, and they were panting heavily.

Nev looked around, catching glimpses of their tattered band. They had had a tracker, alchemist, and a couple more of essential trades, but the auburn haired had selected them with his sword. In their remnants was: Sir Oryn, a old but nice knight, who's service was pledged directly to Count Leraway. Sir Dayton, a sarcastic man with a black mohawk. Sir Leraway, a quiet man with a wine-stained birthmark. The squires: Ulis, a red-haired boy with a broad nose. Remmy, a bald teen with a mole under his left eye. Jarreth, a boy with shoulder length blonde hair and green eyes. They had all lost their knights in the woods, and all seemed pale from the experience.

They followed the snow laden trail for a indiscriminate amount of time. His feet left scant traces of his existence in the snow, while his hands pulled taunt the fur cloak around him. Leraway's form was much larger than his own and when he hid behind him just so, he was safe from the wind. The rhythm of their walk and the gentleness of the falling snow had begun to hypnotize him, it had stooped his shoulders and weakened the strength of his eyelids. One moment they were walking, the next, Nev walked into the back of Leraway.

"What are you doing, Nev?" Leraway questioned with a cocked head.

He looked around with blurry eyes, noticing that they had made it to a town and twilight had fallen.

"A town!" He exclaimed upon realization.

The other squires laughed.

"Yeah, they're quite nice aren't they?" Sir Dayton smiled at his own joke.

Leraway handed his sword to the boy, hilt first.

"Go find a blacksmith," Leraway gifted him some coins from his purse, "Dayton's sword will need some work too. When your done, come back to this inn. I'll see about getting you some food."

Leraway unshackled the man from the back of his cart(leaving the ones that bound his wrists). Brown had looked especially exhausted. After they stripped him of his warm clothing and drug him behind the cart, his appearance had begun to show the wear. Leraway unlaced his fur cloak, letting it lay across Brown's shoulders, and making sure to cover up the manacles as best he could.

"Try not to cause any trouble, will you?"

"Nah." Brown said, shivering in the snow.

Dayton and the remaining squires took the mounts to find refuge, while the three entered the inn. The sound of music and calm company was welcoming. They found a seat after people lost interest in them, picking a nice little table in the corner.

"What does he want, what does the old man want from me?" A seated Brown asked, defeated.

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