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Tomick blinked. Shad had disappeared off into the woods, Echo had spun towards the stream and Whisper dashed after her. He went to get his boot. Once his boots were on, he slipped the rest of his armor into place, and calmed the horses, saddling them while Mender and Juli broke down tents. Here was where he fell into his role as a second. The details, packing down, setting up, that was his job.


Echo heard her sister, and ignored it, stubbornly resisting the strong pull on her shoulder. She growled through the tears in her eyes. "I know. It's just... AUGH!" She turned to stare at Whisper. "He's so obsessed with his desire to stay free that he won't even look at the way he chains himself to the ground!" She let her head fall onto Whisper's chest with a dull 'thok' against the hardened leather. "I'd rescue him again, you know. Snatch him right out of the dungeons if I had to. Self-obsessed sonuvabitch doesn't even get it." She pushed away from Whisper and snarled. "And I know he cares! Gods dammit all! Those little unprotected moments where he'd let something slip. But he'll rip himself apart before admitting it. I saw it in his eyes this morning. I woke him from a nightmare last night. He comes across the one woman who will actually give a shit about him and he can't even control himself enough to stick around!"

She made a strangled sound and spun away in frustration, coming to lean against a tree, her breath heaving from her chest in small puffs as her anger started to settle into a low burn in her gut. It was then that she remembered the thought she'd had from before, and a hand flew to her mouth and an arm wrapped around her stomach as she felt sick for a moment. I can't tell her. Not until I know for sure. She shuddered, anger at him running through her still.

Echo sighed, trying to calm her breath and slowly succeeding. "I hope the guards catch him. Idiot man's gonna walk right back into their hands!" She sighed. "Let's go, Whisper... I'll be fine. Father lives with a broken heart every day. I can survive the mending of one." She reached out to grasp at her sister's hand. "Maybe I'll make mother's spirit happy, swear off men except as tools" She laughed weakly at her own joke.
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