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What do you care?! You're the one that gave them to me! He kept on walking even after he had seen the healing balm jar hit against the grass. Shad knew he was a fool to refuse it, but he did anyway. He would accept nothing offered from her. He did not belong to her. I'm an asshole and a fool. But I'm free. It was beginning to be hard for him to see the difference between freedom and being always alone. It was even harder for him to see where he wanted to be in his life and what might constitute happiness instead of just simply living from day to day. And I'm not running away. She's just too stupid to see that I'm just not taking what she's offering.


Whisper ran after her sister, knowing full well by the dampened link between them, that Echo was suffering from this loud dismissal. She figured that Tomick could find her saddlebag on his own to retrieve his boot. Echo! Wait up! The larger woman sent as much comfort and sympathy at her as possible, bleeding on the inside for her sister. Echo, my poor sister. The very first man she finds that she likes is the very first one that crushes her so hard. By the Mane, if only he had been a better man.

It didn't take long for Whisper to reach Echo, not running as she did even when Echo was moving determinedly in the direction of the stream. Reaching a hand out, Whisper settled her fingers on Echo's shoulder, wanting to tug her into an embrace to comfort her. There's little else I can do unless she tells me that she wants me to run after him and cut him down. And I'd do that to for the way he spoke to her, but... I really doubt she wants me to even if she is mad at him. Echo... Her voice was soft. You knew that he was going to leave. Better now than later. It would have only hurt more later. And you are simply too good for him. She said everything as comfortingly as she could, trying to turn Echo towards her so she could crush her in her arms as she always had. But seeing Echo hurt, always made her feel sad, moisture gathering in her own pale eyes.


Mender and Juli began to break down the tents, uncertain what else to do. There had been entirely too much complication in one morning and both of them could tell it would be a silent morning. Perhaps they would never make anything other than porridge for breakfast ever again...
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