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Echo had started walking towards the horses as he stood, but turned to look at him with the sound of his voice. She listened to him with emotions reined tightly with the power that anger gave her. The only collar you are refusing is your own upon yourself, Shad. I never put a collar upon you. She flinched slightly at him saying he didn't want her, pain flaring in her eyes. That touched a nerve. She wanted him to want her, even when he was angry. Maybe especially when he was angry. She felt her own anger building as he shouted at her, coiling in her stomach as it so often did. Doing your part is not being a slave! Being polite to others doesn't mean you're crushed under their heel! She didn't even blush at his reference to sleeping with her, uncaring in the current company. But as he spun and began to storm away, her voice flung itself after him like a whip. "You're a selfish bastard, Shad! You call me immature, but look who's running away!" She narrowed her eyes at his back. "The least you could do is walk in some direction besides right back into the dungeons of Randatria. I don't want to have to come save your sorry ass, again!" She spun, turning her back on him and the eyes of everybody else, her hands coming up to where she could bite her knuckle to keep the tears from coming. She stepped quickly to her saddlebags and dug out the container of healing balm. Stepping back out to where she could still catch sight of his back, concentrated, and then hurled the jar at him. It sped towards him, arcing through the air. "And keep yourself from dying by infection while you're at it!" She let out a shriek of frustration and spun, only to find that now the horses were spooked by her, shifting uncomfortably as they eyed her.

Now she couldn't saddle the horses, so, she spun, looking at her fellows. "What are you all staring at?! Echo growled, storming her own path towards the stream. She closed her link to Whisper as best she could, tears filling her eyes as she made her way. Anger coiled tightly in her stomach, feeding off the streak of pain that felt like it had torn her heart in half. She held in a sob by clenching her jaw. You knew he would leave sooner or later! Better sooner. It's like cutting yourself for an altar sacrifice. Better quickly than slowly. Fool. He doesn't give a crap about you. Never has. What man would refuse a warm, willing, pretty companion for a few days? Her mind ranted onward, berating herself.


Tomick stood in shock, irritated at the fact that Whisper had fooled him, but distracted by what had first appeared to be a tussle, and had swiftly blown up into what it was. A rumbling growl came from him as Shad spoke, but Echo's reaction held him from chasing the man down and challenging him to battle for speaking as he had.
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