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Whisper's superior grin widened into a cat's smile as he yielded and took back the words that she had forgotten he had uttered that had started the whole thing. Your boot is in my saddlebag. She got off of him and helped him to his feet only to turn and blink in confusion at the four sitting by the extinguished fire.


The half elf had felt her move and hadn't thought anything of it until she elbowed him hard in the side, pushing him over and landing atop him. Her hands slammed into the wounds she had given him, the hair stitching snapping, pink fluid oozing into his shirt. Shad gasped at the sudden and unexpected pain, his eyes blinking, his teeth bared as he snarled wordlessly, ferally at the woman that growled at him. The ooze soaked through his gray shirt, becoming a visible stain, her fingertips digging into the wounds as she clenched into his flesh.

Outrage and fury rose in him. Despite the anger in her eyes, his were narrowed into dark little slits. How dare she treat me like a dog! I am not her slave! I will not submit to this humiliation! I will not submit to her! I am a man! A FREE man! I will slit all their throats and leave them for DEAD! She already thinks of me as her puppy so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that she feels that she can treat me like one. The bitch. Saddle my horse, boy! Watch your mouth, boy! You do that again and I'll take off a finger next time, boy! You try to hit me again, boy, and I'll stick my dick so far up your mother that it will never come out! I'll KILL YOU! I'll rip out your throat with my teeth! The memory was visceral. The words of a man long dead still caused him to quake with fury, fear, and a near-insanity.

Shad rose from the ground, fire blazing in his eyes, ice freezing in his veins as he dusted off his clothing, righting the crossbow on its strap around him. His voice was a deep, dark, angry growl that steadily rose in volume to a snarling shout. You don't own me, bitch. Never presume so again. I might be marked like a dog on the back of my neck, but I refuse your collar. I refuse you all! His eyes sliced through all of them nearby before he looked angrily right at Echo, giving her words just for her. I don't need you. I don't want you. And I don't owe you anything. I told you, bitch! I told you that I'd never be your slave! That I'd never be one again! So go screw yourself! It was fun while it lasted. You're decent in the sack. The degrading words came out of his mouth before he could stop them, even if he had wanted to stop them. He wanted to hurt her, embarrass her. He lashed out because that was all he had ever been taught to do. The life of a boy who grew up in slavery either had to meekly learn to submit or lash out and face the brutal consequences later. Shad was one of the latter.

He turned his back on the dark haired, pale eyed woman and stormed off towards the woods, the opposite direction that she was going to be headed in once again. His teeth were clenched tightly, his fingers rolled up into hard fists, and even his back was stiffly straight. I'm not going back. I'm not a dog, no matter what you think. I'm a man! A man! Gods be damned, I am a FREE MAN! Gods damn you, I'm a free man... It came out as a wavering statement filled with pain, soft. Mentally, he probed the small emotional attachment that he had made that linked him to Echo. It was still a small thing, but was there. It hurt as he examined it and then he began to dig at it, to try and rip free of it. I will not be chained!
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