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Tomick frowned in frustration, and double checked her pin on him by testing his limbs carefully. His eyes were sullen as he stared up at her for a moment longer. It was practicality that won over his frustration as he saw how the sun was crest into daylight. "I yield." He growled. "And I take it back." He added, in case that was what she wished to hear.

The man waited until she got off of him to get up, taking her help if she offered it. His eyes scanned over the rest of the camp quickly, confusion hitting as he saw the scene at the fire.


Echo knew that the tussle between Whisper would end in moments. She was lost in her own thought and wasn't paying attention to anything but her thoughts until Shad's voice broke through once more, and the exchange between him and the other two group members started to escalate. A distraction. Her mind latched onto it, desperate to get away from the loop it had been stuck on. Even more so, something she could act upon.

She didn't give Shad warning, except that his body was next to hers and could feel her move. But she was as quick as her father had made her be. An elbow shoved into Shad's side and she pushed him over as she twisted to land on top of him, knowing exactly what he was trying to do. Her hands slammed onto the wounds she had given him the day before, blue eyes spitting fire as she glared at him. Her voice was a quiet snarl, ferocity and threat apparent. "Shut the hell up, Shad. I don't give a rat's ass how bored you get, you will behave yourself and keep a semi-civil tongue in your mouth or so help me, I will have Whisper drag you behind her warhorse until you wish you were in the Abyss." Her hands clenched his shirt slightly, maintaining pressure on the stitched wounds. "If you decide you have to pick a fight, you will pick it with me and nobody else.' Her snarl showed teeth and she looked, to the inexperienced eye, as though she was going to rip into him with her teeth. She knew that he didn't fear her though.

The slight woman stared down at him a moment longer, before she shoved up from him with a whirl of skirts. "Up, Shad. If you're awake and bored enough to taunt people you hardly know, you're awake enough that you can help me saddle up." Her eyes were hard for the moment, her body relaxed and ready to move knowing that he might very well tackle her or shoot another taunt at her friends. He'll have to learn. No matter what he does, in the end, its a minimum four against one. He probably could hold his own against Mender and Juli, but add in Tomick, and it's a for sure no. Put him up against Whisper, and heads will roll.
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