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He might have been able to shove her off, but his pounce carried more momentum than he thought. She just used it by keeping her hands on his wrists and rolled him over in the same way, slamming him down with as much force as she could carry with her. I owe you nothing. Whisper's reply was cool and proud to say the least. She spread herself over him more fully to pin his legs too with her feet though it meant that she gave up some of her control over his upper body. With my hands wrapped around his wrists, I still have more control. He'll be able to squirm. That'll leave his forehead free and I just have to watch out in case he tries to smack heads with me. I'm not sure which of us has the thicker skull and, at this point, I wouldn't relish finding out. Yield to me, Sir Tomick, and I'll let you go. I'll even be generous and give you my spare boot.

Whisper didn't own any "spare boots." However, knowing she had his boot in her saddlebag and wanting to get on the road now that breakfast was over and the sun was just over the horizon, it was time to put an end to the games. He had failed though his aggression had been more than usual which was mildly interesting to the woman. Still too restrained. Too predictable. Too... gentle. The only way he could "win" would be to break past my guard, hit my forehead with his own. If his skull happened to be thicker than mine, then I would be dazed for a few moments. If he hadn't dazed himself in the process, then he could use my weakness to his advantage, flip me off of him, pin me to the ground, and then we'd stay there because I wouldn't admit defeat and he couldn't let me up because I'd pummel him for real. But then the longer he held me down, the more angry I'd get. I'd go into a Rage, force his hands off of my arms and beat him to death. So suffice to say, he has to be able to beat me into unconsciousness when he wants to Challenge me because I won't just let anyone have me because I can't. And that was the crux of it.


Shad held onto his woman for another moment before he got bored. It was as if a switched had been flipped on his brain. His hazel eyes grabbed onto Mender first. Hey, Fatty, why don't you go help Pretty Boy?

The larger man turned at the sound of Shad's voice and blinked, frowning, misunderstanding in his face. What...?

Shad's grin turned cruel. I said, "Hey, Fatty, why don't you go help Pretty Boy?" You deaf too?

Juli growled suddenly. Her gray eyes were spitting fire. What the hell is your problem?! Don't call him fat! She rose halfway to her feet, getting ready to stand and issue a challenge formally if the half elf stranger became more rude.

The man chuckled low in his throat and, despite the fact that he had an arm around Echo, his eyes were affixed to Juli now. So what are you going to do about it, Hairless? Threaten me with the Curse of Balding?

Mender was getting up angrily too. See here, Shad--

Ah, now we're two against one. Tsk tsk. Where are your manners? Shad hadn't moved from his spot at all, just the cruel half smile on his scarred visage.
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