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Rumbling growls were cut off into a single yelp, that took out all of the air from his lungs as Whisper let his hook draw her down with extra force onto his own ribcage. Tomick, gasping for air as she pinned him, let his head thud onto the ground. Idiot. You need to go and fight her father for a few years. At least you haven't got any cracked ribs, but Lion.. that'll leave a bruise... Slowly he regained his breath, opening to stare up at Whisper, slightly sullen. He could tell by her grin that she wasn't taking it seriously at all, and though he knew it was just a game, he still was feeling like sulking, knowing that she had beat him easily. But determination rose in him once more. We've just still got work to do... He couldn't expect to beat the daughter of Shayne Lorelei so easily.

With a sigh that hurt his ribs and shifted Whisper's weight a little on his stomach, he growled lightly. There still was no way to get out of it with dignity intact, and though he might be able to knock Whisper off of him, he had no doubt that he'd just end up back in a similar position. Silently, he reassured himself that he would succeed and win her in the end. His pride was wounded though, and he found himself not quite willing to give up. Wounded pride sparked frustration and anger. His hips twisted, one leg coming up to shove at her hip with his knee while he twisted his torso and used the bare bit of strength he had over her to shove her from on top of him. Gleefully, he turned this into a pounce, trying to pin her in return, throwing himself upon her. "You owe me a boot, Whisper!' He growled, frustration evident.


Echo sighed slightly with relief as Shad believed her. Her thoughts returned to trying to figure out where she would be able to discreetly buy belladonna. She knew her mother's recipe for the tea by heart, but she had not brought any of the herb with her. I did not plan. I never plan! Leosine knows! If I hadn't pounced upon Shad, surely I would have seduced Charles! He had enough fire in him that I was interested. But it would have appalled him, to bed me outside of a sanctioned marriage. Oh... this will not be good at all. She had completely stopped paying attention to the fight.
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