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The mountains were majestic, even in the foothills of it. They were large, dour structures covered in white snow that fell from the sky, dripped from the trees in soft shushing slides, and generally made it hard for Een to figure out if the white stuff she was stepping in went a few inches down or a few feet down. When she sunk into it up to her hip for perhaps the millionth time, it was easy for her to realize that she had probably traveled in the wrong direction in order to get back to Randatria.

The high elf's pale skin was now closer to white with the exception of her red, dripping nose and frozen cheeks. Her blue violet eyes had an almost fevered glimmer in them and her shivering was near constant. Ice had formed on her braids. Her cloak, she held onto tightly, clasping it against her shoulders with a death grip. Why north? Why, why, why? I leave Anna and Ki'ehr because I felt that they were not the correct people to travel with and then... I had to have taken a wrong turn. I thought the mountains needed to be at my back after that last town? There was a road that was supposed to go... south? Or was it west? This cold is making it hard for me to think. I... I need to take a rest. My legs hurt. I can't feel my feet.

The tips of her fingers looked almost blue from where they had slid out from under the cover of her cloak. The woman fell to her knees, stumbling. I'm... going to need help. The snow fell down, driftingly soft and the elf stared up at it, looking at the small patches of lighter gray sky amidst everything else. So... cold. Her fumbling fingers fastened over her shofar clumsily and she brought the horn closer to her shivering lips, trying to make a solid connection. Her tongue wet her red lips and seemed to freeze even more then, but she persevered. The instrument was pressed against her hard and she took in a deep, painful breath before blowing out a wavering note. It squeaked and then issued a blast which echoed, several falls of snow starting from the sound, though they were only minor trickles compared to a full blown avalanche.

The call for help made, Een fell to her side, curling around herself as best as possible in the snow, one long blazing blue sleeve sticking out from underneath her gray cloak like a flag for aid. Her eyes closed and she tried not to sleep...
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