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Something about the way she looked at him made him concerned. Her blue eyes were wider than they normally appeared and it unsettled him even as she leaned back against him, assuring him that it was nothing. Everyone around him had been talking about children. Had that upset her? Maybe she doesn't want children, like I don't. It's a good thing that women have their methods of keeping themselves free of that prospect. Otherwise, gods know how many prostitutes would be carrying mine over these years. He pulled her closer and listened to her egg her sister on. It was a strange fight. He hoped that one or the other would simply punch the other in the face and be done with it. It was all awkward to watch and getting almost to the point of boring.


Whisper felt his leg hook around hers and the wicked half smile curved deeper. She had no intention of breaking free of his hold. As she began to crash down atop him, she brought her knees in line with his stomach again to knock the wind out of him, her arms reaching out to grab at his wrists in order to pin him to the ground where only his legs would have mobility, but, as a man, his power was in his upper body. Without his upper body, she was pretty sure her weight on his stomach and her grip on his wrists would keep him from being able to turn over and try to pin her. But if he should succeed, I will free my hands from his wrists and find the weakpoints in his armor so my fingers can wiggle in and tickle him until he gets off on his own and sulks. I haven't been treating this fight seriously at all. Father would be disappointed. Or he might laugh and say that the man definitely wasn't worth taking seriously. I think the latter would hurt Tomick's pride worse.
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