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Tomick felt her leg go around his and seconds later, her wet finger wiggled in his ear. The man jumped, eyes widening. He sprang back from her automatically, one hand coming up to his ear to rub at it even as her leg tripped him up and he tumbled on his rump. With a glare, he hooked his leg around hers swiftly, trying to yank her feet from under her, even if it meant she would crash down atop of him. Rumbling growls came from him.


Echo stopped paying attention to Mender and Juli, beyond the general tone of their voices, and tried desperately to pull her thoughts into order and away from thoughts of children, marriage, or sex. It was like trying to tell herself to not think of pink spotted lions though. Inevitably, the felines sprang into one's head. Breathing slowly through her nose, silently, she kept her blue gaze upon Tomick as he tried to lift her sister from the ground, getting a wet-willy for his trouble. It was an act of will that kept her hand from moving gently to touch her flat stomach.

I laid with him twice. I did not feel like anything has taken root in me, but if it did... It will show within a few weeks.... I still have time, if I can just get some belladonna... For once, she was very glad of Shad's closeness blocking her link to her sister. The last thing she needed right now was for Whisper to worry about the possibility of her being with child as well. Father will kill me... His little lady... Oh gods, Leosine please let me not be carrying a child. Shad's voice whispered into her ears, and her tense muscles stiffened a little more as she turned to look at him, her eyes still wide. Quickly she whipped the worries behind a wall, hiding with them the strange excitement that had flooded through her as well. Echo shook her dark haired head. "Nothing." The lie spilled from her lips with all the ease of a practiced courtier. She flashed a smile at Shad, forcing her muscles to relax as she leaned into him again.

She rolled her eyes, redirecting attention as she called out. Put the poor man from his misery, Whisper! You're letting him waste daylight!
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