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Whisper was prepared for him. As Tomick's arms came in low to encircle her waist, she hunkered down enough to lock her right leg around his. Her leg was entangled against the inside of it, her foot heading around the outside of it to wrap around his lower leg, the steel toes of her boot against his ankle. There was no way he would be able to throw her and both her arms were free where his were trapped around her unless he wanted to let her weight carry them both to the ground or drop her enough that she would release his leg to scramble free. Whisper had yet to begin a serious match. So she stuck a finger into her mouth, wet it with a good amount of saliva, and stuck it into Tomick's unprotected left ear to see if that was encouragement enough to let go. The half smile on her face only became more wicked.


Mender nodded. You're probably right. They'd be a good match alright. I wonder how lady-like your sister would become. If she would agree to it.

Juli rolled her eyes. Whisper would never become a good lady. She's too tough for that. She's beautiful, has the grace of a tiger, the brains of a scholar, and the battle prowess of Leosine himself. There isn't anything that she couldn't do when it comes to the battlefield. But the Court would be completely over her head if she had to drink tea and sew doilies. She woulnd't ever stop risking herself on the field, not for anybody. Her life is on the battlefield. If she had to refuse the sword, she would leave him. Better a bastard child with him than to be stuck in the sort of life that wouldn't suit her. The woman had gone on and spoke much more than she would have normally done. As she watched Whisper, jealousy had choked her. The talk of Tomick and Whisper having children made her more upset than she thought possible. Her voice had become empassioned towards the end as she spoke of Whisper leaving Tomick. Her teeth clenched just enough for people to notice if they looked at her.

Mender did, his face pulled together in confusion. He had no idea what had upset Juli so much and her response seemed irrational to him so he said nothing.

Shad felt Echo stiffen. With his arm around her, it hadn't been hard. What is it? His voice was soft, not wanting to draw attention if she didn't want it from the other two people nearby.
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