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The large man grunted as her fists connected with his armored stomach. He had to force his muscles to relax, going with the direction that she made him move rather than stiffening and fighting against it. His legs tightened to skid him into a stop. Even as she taunted, he didn't hesitate for long, ducking down low to grab at her and lift upwards. If he could get her feet off the ground, he might be able to have a chance at something.

Feet off the ground. But what can I do once I fling her over my shoulder. I can't hold her long. Between her weight and and blows she'll land upon me, I'll go down. Tomick might have been slightly stronger than her, a bit broader, a little taller, but her tricks were more devious, and he was never sure what to expect. Throw her maybe? His mind raced, and he decided that if he could get her feet out from under her he might be able to pin her.


Echo leaned slightly into Shad as his arms circled around her waist. Her eyes were riveted upon the two paladins, trying to catch each of the lightning fast blows. It was difficult to see more than just blurs. Especially from her sister. She replied to Mender almost distractedly. "Any children between them would be beautiful. Not only attractive and strong, and with prestige in the Order, but think of it. Tomick's noble, through his mother. He'll inherit titles and land after her and Sir Taliden are are taken. Between them, they'd have it all. Strength, money, land, reputation." She was smiling, but her tone was factual, as though she was discussing horse breeding. "Even bastard children would be welcomed wholeheartedly into the Order from a mix between them. Though Father would likely throw a fit at first."

She snorted and shuddered a little at the mention of the Kels. Her main memory of them always had hulking figures with beady eyes. She hated that. Hulking figures, that was fine, but the beady eyes, small things set under too-heavy brows. It disturbed her. She was glad that they took her size as a sign of weakness and had mostly ignored her. She had never envied her sister their attention. Perhaps if they focused less on appearances and more on bloodlines, they'd be strong, beautiful, and brilliant. As it is, I swear the intelligence is leaving that line. She frowned a little. I often wonder what will become of me... Will I have my children raised in the Order? Perhaps, at least one. If I have more than one... perhaps I shall allow them to make a choice? I am of the Chosen Son's bloodline... Even if there's only been two generations of us so far, the Lorelei line is one that has built its own reputation because of my father and my sister... She turned her thoughts away from that. The likelihood of her having children seemed a distant occurrence. She was only twenty. Her mind wanted to imagine what a mix between her and Shad would be like, and she swallowed and stopped herself. He wouldn't stay. Any children she gained off of him would be bastards. And quarter elven, like her father. That was an interesting thought. But she shuttled it to the side, and then stiffened.

I haven't any of mother's tea... or other contraception. Shit! Swallowing again, she tried to focus on the battle. She would know before long whether she was pregnant or not. Her flow was due in a few weeks time. Gods... the last thing I need is to be fighting my brother with a child in my womb! It was hard for her to focus on Tomick and Whisper when panicked thoughts about her own possible progeny were running through her mind.
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