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Her sister's giggling fit was the only thing that made her smile widen, but just by the tiniest bit. It was a struggle to keep from laughing herself when Tomick stood so straight and at a loss, incredulity written across his face as his voice came out as if he was trying to figure out if those were the words that she had actually said. It was absolutely humorous. She was toying with him so elaborately that she couldn't help but enjoy it. She could see some of his thoughts roll through his head. It was like his thoughts were directly moving through his muscles. The slackness in the absolute disbelief. The ripple of locking muscles as his tense state came across him, frustration, realization of the situation, thoughts of the ramifications of his actions. Then the forced relaxation that would put him more ready for movement. For attack. Whisper's body was already relaxed. The only thing she changed, in response to the relaxing in his posture, was her arms uncrossed and moved to her side as she simply readjusted her weight so she was on her feet instead of leaning against the tree. It was so minor that most people could have missed her even initiating it save for her arms. Her swords were tucked onto Wraith as she had figured that this was a possibility and she wasn't going to need a sword to beat down Tomick who had had less unarmed training than she did. I said I used it for fishing. It was a quick retort that had no inflection in her voice.

Tomick's body was a released arrow, speeding at her fast. Whisper had a tree at her back. There was no room for backward movement, which left her three directions, forward, to the right, and to the left. I have lower center of gravity in comparison to him, but only by a minor degree. What I need to do is plan a way to get him knocked onto his back or at least off his feet. Her fingers were covered by gloves of leather with joints and protectants of metal along the backside. Her armor was hardened leather across her chest and arms with steel over her shoulders and around her neck with no greaves to slow her legs down by inhibiting mobility. I am the wind. Playful and light, quick and sharp, enough to knock a man over with her strength. When I howl, a man knows that even his strongest house will fall to me. Wind can't be broken. Even the tall grass that will not break will bow to the wind. Whisper breathed in and then exhaled, coming into her dancing style.

The woman ducked under Tomick's charge and thrusted her fists directly at his stomach before using her fists to redirect his slowed momentum, pushing him to the side. She would have simply used her fists to fling him over her head, but she didn't want to have him hit the tree and fall on top of her. She straightened to a loose stance, her fingers open and ready to either grasp or fist at a moment's notice, her right foot the lead in her balance. Coming to dance, Tomick? Her taunt was a gentle one, the superior look still on her face. It hadn't changed, not even a moment in.


Juli shook her head. I don't understand those two. I don't think she'd actually throw his boot in the stream. Why doesn't he just suck it up and ask for his boot back?

Mender chuckled. Sir Tomick wants to win Whisper. How would it look to her if he came to beg for things when she had taken them from him with a purpose? I think this is more of a power struggle.

Juli frowned. No, not a power struggle. Tomick doesn't want to lead us. But it might be a Challenge of a sort. Asserting himself as a man because he doesn't know and probably can't beat her yet in a real Challenge. She watched Whisper with a bit of longing in her eyes, still knowing that she could never have the other woman as she wanted. Whisper's battle grace and ferocity were balanced so well with her large heart and tenderness.

Echo, just think of the kind of children your sister would have if she and Sir Tomick had them together. They would be incredibly handsome children of good parentage who were stronger than most, even the girls if they ended up having some. That would definitely be a line that would be desireable in the Order. If the Kels weren't so inbred, I'd say that they'd be a close second, but their appearances have been diminishing in the last generation or two. The heavyset man smiled as he watched, excited to know the outcome of the fight.


Shad watched quietly. The words that were said by the other two armorclad people made little sense when strung together as they did without the background knowledge that he knew that he did not possess. Both pretty boy and the cow were fast, the strength within them apparent by the sizes of their hard-packed muscle. The two of them made Shad himself feel smaller even though he was taller than Whisper and as tall as Tomick if not a little taller himself. However, he was not nearly as broad as the both of them. His muscles were defined, not bulging. How would I ever be able to fight against them? It would have to be my mind that sways them and not my phsyical superiority as that isn't what I have in comparison... I still don't understand why they felt the need for this little demonstration except on my behalf.

Food gone, he decided to wrap an arm lightly around Echo's waist instead as he continued to watch Whisper and Tomick.
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