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Echo was attacked, falling into helpless giggles as her sister replied with her supposed desire to catch Tomick a fish. As Shad gaped, and his voice sounded near her ear, she managed to gasp out. "I have no idea. She might've. She might have just hid it somewhere. He should have backed down when he could have done so gracefully." She continued to snicker, chewing her apple carefully to make sure she didn't choke on it.

Tomick stood staring at Whisper incredulously. 'You threw it in the stream." His voice was falsely calm for a moment, his arm lowering with his other boot in hand as his gaze narrowed at Whisper. He could neither back down, but at the same time, neither should he be attacking the superior officer. Court and Lion etiquette struggled in his head. One demanded that he be polite, because not only was she a woman, but she was above him in rank. Only by seniority.. The other demanded retribution for her crime against him. It wasn't easy to forget that they had an audience either, Echo's giggling echoing about the clearing. He wanted to fall back onto his verbal skills, because he was far more used to the dances of Court than he was to the rings of the Complex. But do either apply when you're out here in the field? His jaw clenched, the muscle twitching.

He was a paladin. He couldn't back down. Especially not in front of younger members of the Order. And aside from that, he could tell by Whisper's eyes and blank expression that she was challenging him. He had poked the Lioness, and she had come out to play. Oh what the hell. Better to get pummeled sooner rather than later. Wearing only his breastplate, pauldrons, and bracers, he was only half armored, and not having boots was not going to help him any. He wasn't used to running barefoot like Echo was. Frustration at the situation she had pushed him into, where he could not back down in a dignified manner, if at all, and neither should he be challenging her, he took just a moment to loosen his muscles even more into the relaxed state that Shayne had taught him. "Dammit, Whisper!" He snarled, launching himself at her without drawing his sword.

Being a paladin, Tomick was among the best of his Order, lightning quick and skilled in the weapon of his choice. But even he knew that he stood little chance against the tattooed woman he was throwing himself at. Nobody could fight like Shayne Lorelei. Even in his fifties, the man remained unbeaten, and Whisper had grown up with a claymore and sword in hand. But Tomick was stuck. He couldn't back down for more reasons than he had to back down. And out here, I'm not a lordling as well as a Lion. I'm a Lion. Lion rules. His blond hair was already starting to come out of its badly done tail as he flew towards Whisper.

Echo's eyebrows shot upwards, and she paused as Tomick's voice rang around them all. Wow. There was actually a good amount of frustration in that. Most of this has all been just a game, but I wouldn't put it past Whisper to actually have put his boot in the stream, and now she's stuck him in a situation he can't back out of. He has to fight her, because he has to set an example to Mender and Juli, and he can't, because of the same reason. For all that Whisper isn't Court-raised as he was, she sure can twist it around to her advantage. She smiled behind her apple's core as she bit the last bit from it and then tossed the core into the fire, watching the scene with avid eyes. "First unplanned sparring session of the trip!" She grinned at the knight and initiate. "I hope you take notes." Her tone was joking but she was semi-serious.
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