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Whisper listened in, keeping her face in that superior little half smile, her arms crossed as she leaned against the tree, waiting patiently. Mender shook his head at Echo's bet. Even I'm not such an idiot to bet against Whisper.

Tomick'll lose so I don't need to. Tomick always loses, as you said. Juli added, laughing softly.

Shad shook his head. Well, looks like the odds are too far against him even for me. The half elf genuinely looked confused because, to him, Tomick appeared to be absolutely furious and conceited.

Well, no one will bet against me. Good. Whisper heard Tomick's mock outraged reply. I only wanted to catch you a fish. Unfortunately, the fish was too big and took your boot instead. It's probably a few miles downstream now. I can take your other one too and then you can ride barefoot like Echo does. Then you wouldn't have to worry about having to ride with only one. You'd have a matching set of feet. Her facial expression never changed, but her eyes glittered beneath her dark, wet hair. He had challenged her and now she was testing him to see how worthy he was. He should consider everything I do a test to him. I will find out if he's full of passion and strength, if he can unbind himself from Court etiquette and be the man that I need him to be. I don't care if we have to get into a real fight about his boot in my saddlebag or not. He couldn't get me down when he was fully armed and armored and I was not. Now the odds are in my favor because I have all of my armor on.

The half elf gaped and leaned in towards Echo to whisper at her. Did she really toss his boot in the stream? These people seemed more than strange to him. The one who was supposedly leading them had stolen a boot after something was said. It was not a display that he would consider worthy of the person in command, yet Whisper had done so and now seemed to be goading Tomick into a fight. Is she trying to do this for a showing of dominance over the party? For all of our benefits, including me? To show me my place? The fact that no one is betting for the pretty boy is already telling. I already know how fast she is and I felt the impact of my skull on the wall... He ate the rest of his bread up as he watched with interest as the farce continued. He would know those he traveled with through this, their skills with their minds as well as, perhaps, their skills with fighting. He would learn them like the enemies or potential allies that he already had perceived them as. He would figure out how to use them.
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