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Ichs dared one look up at her and quivered, before scurrying out of the room to supposedly gather his men.


Echo wasn't overly surprised by his refusal. She turned, looking away from him and letting her hair hide her features for the moment. She needed time to plan, and a way out of the chains. And away from this man. As his voice sounded and he moved closer to him, she raised her eyes, unable to hide the shock and fury that was in them. He grabbed for her legs, and she kicked slightly, but it didn't seem to matter. Fear entered the mix, settling deep in her belly as fire flashed in her eyes. "Get off of me." She growled her arms tensing as she gripped upon the chains to brace herself. He ignored her, his smile wicked and his eyes gleaming.

Glaring at him with a baleful look, she still couldn't keep herself from analyzing his looks. Sharp and elvish, she could not deny that he was attractive, even more so because of the scars she could see. But he was so very matter of fact, and no fun at all... It was as if there was no fire in him. Or maybe there was. His leg hooked over hers to pin it down and her left was braced, his hands on her calf. Warm, strong hands.

Echo pulled herself back, glaring at the man who had placed himself right in front of her, and feeling absolutely helpless. Despair crept into her for a moment, and she beat it back with fury. No matter what happened right now, or during the time she spent in this rotten place, she would rise stronger from it. She forced muscles to relax taking deep breaths as she stared at the man. Frightened of being raped? What woman wouldn't be... but I'm more worried that he'll find my knife should he dare closer. Leaning back against the wall, she pursed her lips as she stared at him. The tone of his voice had drawn interest from her. Her own voice was cold, controlled fury. "It's not like I can do anything to stop you." She didn't move except to breath. "But I never said that what folks believed to be true was." Her left leg leaned outwards just the smallest amount. "You've already taken everything else I have, why not take my maidenhood and my maidenly pride with it?!" Her eyes challenged him, fright apparent, but her chin raised in defiance.
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