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Whisper glared ferociously. Wherever one might gather in His name, He is present! Wherever His true believers stand, there He is! She slammed her hand on his desk to get her to look at her blazing eyes. Leosine is not the God of handouts and beggars! He is a God of bloodshed and war! What you want, you take. The blood you spill, you claim for Him. The lives you take, you dedicate to Him. The children you rear, you give to Him. Everything you do is for His greater work, not yours! The glory of Man fades over time, but the glory of God lasts throughout all eternity! Her voice was a roar that echoed down the hallways. Sir Ichs' people probably heard her easily. The walls seemed so paper thin that she wouldn't be surprised that it was so. Fury filled her. Divine rage. It was different than her killing Rage. No, this one felt purpose.

Her eyes affixed themselves on the man before her. Sir Ichs, assemble your men in the altar room in an hour. I will show them what it means to be one with Leosine. From there, the rest will be up to the people of this Hold. I can only show you the path. You all must learn how to walk it. Her voice was a cool thing, icy, brittle, yet strong and unyielding. She was determined to summon her God to their altar, to separate the believers from the rest. For now, she had to go and prepare herself and inform the others what she intended to do. It didn't have to be the Victory Shrine to feel the presence of Leosine's all seeing eye.


Shad rolled his eyes. 'Half breed?' She's trying to bait me. Make me hurt her. Make me pity her. Pfft. She takes me for a simple ruffian with some boundaries. The coin speaks, I listen. He let her ramble on. It obviously made her happy to some degree to speak and smile, even if her smile was edged with malice and coldness. She's like a city pigeon. She gets all ruffled up, trying to look bigger than she is. I'm a city cat. I know better. She's still a pigeon no matter how puffed up or how pretty.

No deal. Your counter offer is no counter, but rather a plea for release and a chance to get at a dagger and slit all of our throats whilst we sleep. Oh no. I am not fooled by your 'sweet' smiles. I will return your jewelry when my demands are met, not before. It was once again simply put. For all your words of whores, I would think that you haven't been touched by a man so completely. Your desire to remain untouched seems... prominent in your plans. Of course, there is only one way of checking, you know?

His mouth split into a wicked half smile once more, crueller than hers, more practiced, his scars and large eyes making it that much more intense. He was not afraid of her magic nor of her. Instead, he pivoted on his hip and slid nearer to her. On his knees, his hands reached below her and dragged her legs out from underneath her, hiking up her skirt towards her knees so he could easily place one of his own knees between her legs, his ankle weighting down her lower right leg. The left he straightened, holding firmly and steadily upon her bare flesh, bending it up at the knee so her foot was flat on the floor. Let's check, shall we? His voice was challenging and dark. The fire was beginning to rise in him as the drugs in his system began to wear off. She could either choose to fight him or submit to him. He would not rape her; that was never his plan. However, it wouldn't hurt to scare her a little and give himself a little pleasure just from her fright. I should run a couple of kisses up the inside of her thigh. I wonder if that would turn on this little ice princess. His smile widened, becoming devilish as he thought about it. I could stick my finger up next to her most delicate bit of femininity. I wonder if she's ever been that close. Hopefully she wears panties more religiously than she wears footwear.
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