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Sir Ichs seemed to wilt under her gaze, and he began to babble excuses about how the men could barely keep this street same let alone anything else. There wasn't enough money to feed them all, let alone get somebody, even a lion to clean the altar room. "I highly doubt Leosine ever was truly here anyways."


Echo snorted as he went on about Charles, and stared daggers at the man, insults and dangerous thoughts running through her mind. Her chin raised proudly as he looked at her neck. She could feel the bruise. It was no worse than bruises she had gotten in training, but she knew it was a colorful thing.

As his voice grated over her name, she blinked slowly, calming herself. The words that followed made a shiver run down her spine, and her inexperienced soul wilted underneath the knowledge. She had already killed seven men. Now her death toll was up to twelve. Another part of her coldly remarked that it was hardly as though she was raised by innocent people. Shayne Lorelei had killed a fair share of men and women alike. Her mother as well. He raised me with the knowledge of how to kill... but Daddy... how do you deal with the guilt? Echo clenched her jaw, refusing to look over at the half elf as she stuffed the sorrow and weakness down. When she looked at him again, at his mention of keeping her for the murderers and rapists, her voice was soft, her eyes filled with anger, self hatred, and turned it onto him, her voice loaded with venom. "Go for it, half breed. Folks at home nearly believed me an accomplished whore. Why not make it true? Though, how many rapings do you think you can watch and listen to? Because the only way a man will get his dick close enough to use on me is if you either share whatever item keeps me from my magic, or stand close enough. Or shall I rid the streets of lowlife as you bring them to me in groups at a time? Can you keep up on your work if you are essentially chained to my side?" She smiled cruelly at him, feeling the ice closing in around her. It was cold, fighting with the fire of her anger at the man. In the end, she embraced the ice, welcoming its numbing touch upon her as she wanted to collapse and cry. Black Abyss and Leosine... my patrons there. Could I ever have truly thought I would be against such actions? You will regret the day you stole a daughter of Lorelei with the curse of magic in her veins. Leosine will approve of my bloodshed, no matter that I did with with magic and not with blades. You will get the inglorious death that you all deserve, not knowing what was happening until my blade slits your throat. No battle. No chance to fight back.

The anger faded a little, but the self loathing stayed rousing anger once more, keeping her pride steady. She settled back against the wall, swallowing slightly as she puled her feet under her to help her keep warm. It was quite a picture really. the beautiful lady, chained to a wall. But there was none of the expected fear showing in her posture. Rather, her muscles seemed to be more relaxed than even most warriors, and her eyes when they turned upon him, were ice cold, though anger showed as he asked about her magic and offered her a bargain with it. She stared at him, taking in the scars on his face, on his hands. There were likely many more on his torso. He was also rather clean, for a sewer rat. Echo spat to the side, a rather unladylike gesture, but it showed her opinion. "I've a counter-offer for you." Her anger twisted, and her lips smirked, a cruel expression for her beautiful face. "Return my jewelry to me, take these chains off of me, and promise that I will remain untouched and I will swear by whatever you wish that I shan't use my magic to murder all of your men when you aren't looking."

She was unsure if it would work. But after all, he thought her weaponless. But even so, she doubted that he would risk it. Her eyes stared into his, shimmering blue into hazel. She searched him, trying to get a read on him. She didn't dare play the delicate court lady in this exchange. She was the toughened bard, the shrewd woman who spoke her way out of conflict more often than not. Inwardly, anger burned. If her hands were not bound, she might have already launched herself at the man. He would know the fury of Shayne Lorelei's daughter.
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