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The Sublime Overlord of the Realm
Whisper's eyebrows pursed together. This man is a lackwit! I bet he doesn't even take any jobs. He probably sits here, pockets half the funding, and then feeds the rest to his "men." All in the name of Leosine! By the Mane, he is a sacriligious monster! Scraping, begging, wheedling. He is no honest Lion! Her cold eyes grew to solid ice. A slow forming coldness wrapped her form as she stood before him. The proud set of her shoulders and chin, the clench in her jaw, the way the fingers of her left hand toyed with the hilt of the broadsword in its sheathe. She did not need to draw a weapon, but she was angry, furious. Sir Ichs, no Hold nor Sect of our Order ever needs to use a reputation for funding. Her statement was bold and uncompromising. The Lion provides to those that do His work. Not the work of man. Any reputation is simply a man's name used in place of God's. If you want funding, earn it. Fight the vermin of the city starting here in its underside. I've seen the shadows move even on our way here. Protect the rightful residents, the people with families, especially those with children. Those children would be your next recruits! Send a representative up to the smallest levels of Court, learn their ways. Even if you are not admitted, there are those servants that could teach you the dances both in the ballroom and in the courts of law. And by the Mane! Dust the altar! Her voice had turned to a growl. By the last two exclamations, she had grown loud.

It is a wonder that God hasn't simply deserted this place when His people here have obviously already deserted Him! If you want funding, you need to earn it! Her vicious eyes stared hard at the man seated behind the desk. She was completely uncompromising, Rage nipping at the side of her mind. This place was in need of a cleansing, both physically and religiously. She would start at the altar room. Leosine was not a relic. He should not have a dusty chamber.


Shad could tell the little minx was angry. Her little growls were almost cute. Almost. At least she was beginning to cooperate. Why, I will be ransoming you to DeKlaris. You rode in with him. He took you to his private balcony during that silly little play. And, by all reports, he can't stop looking at you. He's a wealthy lord, you know. Very important. He had been brokering new trade agreements already this evening. I intend to get my cut upfront. There were no questions in his words, just matter-of-fact statements.

The large half elven man tipped his head more fully towards her, eyeing her neck suddenly. His nose wrinkled at the dark bruise that was beginning to show. I shouldn't have let my irritation get the best of me. Now she'll have marks and they'll wondered why I abused her. If she's got bruises, then she might have gotten raped too, they'll say. If she's already slept with her lord, chances are, they'll blame her loss of virginity on me anyway. As she declares that she's a bard, well, she might have slept with lots of men. Wonder if DeKlaris knows that she's probably already deflowered and "just a bard." Maybe she's on a scam, wanting to rob him and I got caught up and just ruined her chances. He grinned coldly at the thought, his lip scar crinkling.

So Echo. He tested her name with his throaty, gritty voice, rolling it about. You seem to be a capable and merciless killer. Those five men out there? They had nothing to do with your kidnapping. Ant, the one that felt your breasts with his clammy, stinking hands? I sent him out to find another mark for me. Those men were simply sitting there, playing cards. Not a one of them even touched you. One of them, Devon, had a wife who is waiting at home for him with their son. In fact, most of them were simple thieves until I talked them into running with me. Thieves that didn't want to be apart of a guild. Thieves that don't run in packs don't last long. Unfortunately, that means that I will have to look for their replacements in a different sector. Rapists and murderers are easy to find. They're living all along lowtown, waiting for some hot, little trollop to walk past their lairs. So now, I won't be able to keep the next girl I nab safe from them. All because of you. Because you have already murdered more men than they ever had. In fact, if DeKlaris doesn't want to pay for you after I've sent him my warnings, I might just keep you here so they can shove their dicks in you instead of the next girl. His words were completely calm. Shad's voice carried them easily, perfunctorily. His large hand moved out to grab her chin and tip her head this way and that firmly so he could see the bruise more clearly, frowning mildly. The scarred palms were covered completely with calluses, but his hand was dry. He sighed with displeasure and released her chin. Damn me. I can't afford to lose my temper, even at myself.

His left hand reached into his black, patched shirt and he pulled out a pendent and began stroking it between his fingers. The smoothness of the metal was calming, the eye within the mountain symbol a reminder. Tell me then. How does your magic work? It was a simple question. He doubted that she'd tell him, but he wanted to know as much as he could before his other men returned. His hazel eyes had been dulled by the drug he had smoked earlier, the relaxing components acting as they should, keeping him less angry, less fired. It would wear off soon, but for now, it kept him calmed and made it easier to find his self control. He brushed his honeyed brown hair back behind his ears carelessly, the delicate tapered points only somewhat shorter than a full elf. If you tell me, I'll give you my shirt so you can stay warm when it gets colder in here tonight. Honest bargain. I don't go back on my bargains. I set a price and, if it's met, then I uphold my end. I still fully intend to gag you, woman. That you can't escape from. I won't have another set of men killed because you're having your bleeding time or whatnot. They are too expensive to replace if they realize that there have been deaths and I don't have time to take care of these bodies myself.
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