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Sir Ichs pretended to be disappointed. "Sad. We could use your skills. Perhaps your father's reputation would be able to grab some attention to get us the funding we need. I may have to close this place down soon. He ran a hand over his short hair. "I think the east Complex could still take us in." He was digging for pity, but not very well.


Her fury rose as he calmly walked towards her, but as he came within reach, her magic bubbled, and then settled, as unreachable as if it weren't there. Panic set in even as his hand came around her throat, but she let herself be cut off for air for a moment, and then he released her and she breathed quietly through her nose once again. For whatever reason, she could not work magic within a certain distance of this man. And now he was lecturing her. She did not speak to him, though her fiery nature wanted to. I would have been found, you motherless son of a bitch. Whisper will always find me. But she couldn't feel the bond between them. If you were dead, I would have been found by her. And anything can be broken with sound... All I would need is the right note, the right pitch... The chain would break. She studied him with sharp blue eyes, anger just as intense as fear as she decided to not try to get him with her knife quite yet. He seemed quite secure this close to her, and she glared, shifting so that she was sitting once more, feet tucked under her to stay a little warmer.

Echo studied the scarred man, finding the half-elven features. Though he was built far sturdier than any elf, his ears showed through his hair when she was this close, and his features, while scarred, were fine. Almost automatically, her eyes scanned over his lips, and wondered what his skin looked like when it wasn't covered. Did he have more scars? Anger kept her proud, even though she wasn't trying to kill him at the moment. Even though she feared how much she could do against a man who was immune to her magic. But any man can find something charming about me... She blinked and continued to study him, taking a moment before answering his questions. She was at his mercy, but she didn't get the feeling that he would rape her. There wasn't that air of cruelty. His half smile would rival her mother's though. "Anyone you could try to ransom me to would know me as Echo. But I can guarantee you that the only person who would pay you anything has nothing with them to pay. I'm a bard. Not anybody important. Not in this city." She sniffed and leaned against the wall with a rumble that wasn't quite a growl.

Not wanting to stare at her captor, she looked at the carnage she had wrought. Part of her shrank from it, hating it, wanting to take it back. But the anger in her reveled in the sight of the blood seeping across the floor. She found herself smiling slightly, one side of her lips quirking upwards as she looked at her work, deciding that it had its own sort of beauty. However, she was glad that she had been far enough away to not be dirty. Since she was stuck here, it was better that she not be covered in blood. With her maniacal half smile still tugging at her lips, she glanced over at the man who sat beside her. "So, who are you trying to sell me back to, anyways? Icy coldness was tugging at her, overwhelming her fear, and cooling her anger. She had a hidden blade on her. That was enough. All she would have to do is follow the tug of her sister. If this man died, she coudl get away from the influence that nulled her magical power.
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