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Sir Ichs blinked up at the large woman. "I was just wondering what brought you to Randatis. We could use a few extra hands, if you cared to stay a while." His voice was slightly nasal, and the papers on his desk, though he shuffled them, were not important, and it was obvious.


Echo couldn't get a sound out through the hand that held her, and the arm around her waist felt large and bulky. She knew, even as her single free arm came up to grasp at the man's wrist, that there was not a likely way she could get out of this. As Muffle came out, she tried to amplify her bells soft whispers of sound, only to find that the normal feel of magic bubbling in her veins was gone. Fright made her eyes widen and she struggled against the tight grip, unable to make her body move how she wanted it to. Finally, with a heavy sigh, she stopped struggling. Though, as the weaselly man, Ant, came up and brushed over her body for weapons, she shuddered. He felt slimy. The man that held her captive seemed business about it all, but the shorter man... She pushed away from him, closer to her captor, even as the drugged cloth fell over her nostrils and blackness descended.

When she awoke, she was leaning against a cool wall. Stone, she knew. Her hands were shackled. As she shifted her leg, she froze quickly. Her bells were gone. Curses streamed through her head. She remembered that they had searched her for weapons, but not thoroughly enough. Her hidden blade was still hidden. Lifting her eyes a little, she glanced around the room. The five men playing poker she dismissed as she reached for her magic and with relief felt it boiling through her veins. That at least was working. Her eyes settled upon the man who was making her bells chime. His brown hair did not make him particularly identifiable, but as soon as she knew his voice, she would be able to know him anywhere.

Fury rose in her as her eyes stared at the man. He sat so close. Close enough to kill... with these walls, they're all close enough to kill... It didn't disturb her at the moment that her first reaction was not to negotiate. She left her link to Whisper open. Her sister would be able to find her, no matter what. Fury rose, and rose, and she stared at her chained wrists, feeling her power boil and bubble as she gathered it, eyes glowing in the darkness. But nobody watched. When her lungs were full, she let out a shriek, and held it hitting the same pitch and frequency she had in the woods, surging to her knees at the same time. It bounced off of the walls, rebounding upon itself as it reached the five men playing poker. Their hands began to cover their ears before they crumpled, eardrums and then heads bursting. Their bodies collapsed, spreading blood like scarlet petals around the table.

Her blue eyes glowing from magic, she stared at the scene for a moment, feeling something akin to to desire she felt when she kissed a man. It coiled in her gut and her lips curved up in a malicious smile. There it was again. The blood. She laughed, a slightly mad giggle, and then turned to look at the brown haired man. He sat there, unharmed, and her chuckle cut short, her grin turning to a confused glare. Why had he been still alive?
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